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We got episode 9 of HELLO NEWMANS! In this episode, you'll see Julian face off against LaMelo Ball and Rocket Watts in the Grind Session All Star Game!

The season may be over, but Julian still has to prove where he stands amongst the greats. Julian is just trying to have fun and mess around during the all star practice, but pops has something else in mind. Jamie is all over his son trying to get him focused.

Jaden is chillen in this episode, but she's hella nervous to see Julian go against all these top players. Can Julian hold his own?

BTW TOMORROW we're releasing a new show called RJ'S WORLD! It will document RJ Hampton's school year and everything that went into him turning PRO!! See you tomorrow.

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Brooks Bowman
They dominate Julian when they just messing around on the court😂
Eusilou dinglasan
The prodigy family
Daniel Quiroz
Every short nigga think they steph curry...
Daniel Quiroz
Lmao definitely was not a pull up. Didnt even get HALF way up there.
Beng M. Salud
Jadens supersized that a bowling ball is hard
Davey M
Dude fucking idiot for a father for real
his dad is awesome
Friday Saturday
Baby sis can get it.

Can’t lie
Fdgjkig H
His dad is idiot. Ugly shit
The whole family is delusional
Splash Timbs
Julian: *breathes
Dad: WHAT R U DOING YoU hAvE a GaMe tMr?!
JR Lopez
Bro this shit is soo fake. Their gyms are always empty asf
Someone tell this dad he ain’t nothing but a coach. Have u ever thought about what your son what’s? Cmon man let the kid have fun. It’s an all star game
Leo Lau
wait does he actually think he’s making the NBA ? 😂
SneakGangWatHappend? 412
Y'all old man is the worst coach ever
Mark Wiley
This comment section doesn’t really show it, but a lot of people don’t like Julian’s dad, saying he’s to hard on Julian and demands too much, but regardless of what anyone thinks, he might not be the best coach, but he’s a great father. You can tell he really cares about his kids and only wants what’s best for them.
Matt Lyons
So trash
ccyrus alcanatra
Try changing speed man sheeesh...
Antoney Don
I think my dog is bigger then the whole family
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Don't Call Him Dwyane Wade's LaMelo Ball Talks TRASH 2 days ago   05:06

Zaire Wade MIXTAPE ►►
Hello Newmans ►►

Zaire Wade is becoming his OWN MAN. We linked with our guy so he can tell his story about how he's taking his game to the next level. Zaire been working at it for a minute and now all that work is starting to pay off.

Zaire got real with us on what it's like to be the son of D Wade. Zaire loves his pops, but he wants everyone to know that he's his own person. Zaire Wade is making BIG MOVES and y'all better be ready to watch him blow up.

S/O to Z for letting us hang with him. One of the nicest kids we know and have so much respect for!!

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