Buying My Dogs Everything They UM WTF BHAD BHABIE 🤯 High 3 months ago   22:24

I believe this trend was started by Nicole Skyes, she's done several of these here's a link to her original video

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This is like when your mom let you pick out any cereal you want and you pick something with a ton of sugar because Honey Nut Cheerios are the most sugary cereal she ever lets you have!😆
Jenna is most particularly adorable in this video I swear
Ava 123
petition to put bunny in the drinking buddy shirt once she’s settled
Miles Grande
That... "display" of cats... what kind of nightmare
E Wood
Aw y’all should have bought the food he picked and donated it to a shelter. ❤️
he really just peed
I think Kermit and Peach knew Bunny was going to join the family in the future and picked out big dog treats for when she got there. That big shirt might also fit Bunny.
This was funny.
But, FYI ~ Be careful on what treats you give to your dogs. Some are made in China (even USA and other countries) and have had recalls on them. Some stores and online, are still selling them.
We bought treats and found out they had a recall on them and the treat made a lot of dogs sick. A lot even died!
Google "Dog Treat Recalls" and/or "Dog Food Recalls. Even "Pet Toys Recalls."
Some recalls go back years and they're still being sold today!
Research what your feeding or giving to your dogs and cats (food, treats, toys, medication) before you give it to them. It could be extremely harmful to them. Just some "FOOD" for thought. :-)
Julia Tompkins
kermit peeing on the floor is the funniest thing ive ever seen
I just realized most of this you use for bunny. Kinda good you got it lol
Pia B
I hope bunny enjoys those treats!
Digital Artcast
The video I watched before this was Jenna picking up Kermit for the first time, what a journey
Potato Boy
I’ve been dealing with depression for a little now and watching Jenna, Julian, and the pups, has really helped. They’re personalities are just so comforting.
Caroline Smith
they bought big dog stuff and now they have a big dog 😭
I inspire to be Jenna and her three hamsters
Makayla Charles
Jenna: honestly it’s kinda boring

Me watching it for the 10th time:
Kimberly K
I know I’m very late, but did anyone tell Jenna that those “sticks” and spirals are pizzles—which is a nice way to say bull penises lol. Dogs are nasty
Awww pure catsss😩😔
Queen of touching the butts
They can give the Drinking buddy tee to Bunny
Sam Hone
22 minutes of prepping for Yes
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UM WTF BHAD BHABIE 🤯 High Buying My Dogs Everything They 3 months ago   11:40