Buying My Dogs Everything They UM WTF BHAD BHABIE 🤯 High 4 weeks ago   22:24

I believe this trend was started by Nicole Skyes, she's done several of these here's a link to her original video

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Omar Nava
He touched the ground BOIIIII YOU GONNA BUY IT
You Gotta buy the floor now...
Drew Soman
My dog popped in the vet's office
Alina G
it's 1:50 am and I can't tell if I'm laughing or sobbing or both
Zero Animations
So he’s the one Who takes the price tags in the store
Robert Joseph
Dog: *touches human*
Owner: *throws person in trunk*
When Julien asked if Marbles was buffering I freaking LOST it 😂😂
Regenbogen Einhornpony
Am I the only one that feels SO bad for those cats?
Tim Bo
My mom when she brings food home 16:08
Mna Iotb
omg i need my own marbles
Mt Dew Kitty
how on earth did you explain these purchases to cashiers
Conveniently Shaped Lamp
1:25 y’all remember that buff ass kangaroo?
Nina Cava
My dogs actually love the liver treats in the green container
Maria Moynihan
It’s so weird seeing David in front of the camera 😂😂
garbage frijol
you should donate the extra food and toys :)
Abbi White
The butt medicine dropper is actually a ‘pill popper’ for pets who don’t take pills well, they’re more often used in vet clinics!
A Random Ghost
So birds are toothless and Marbles is toothless does that mean that Marbles is a bird now?
mind blown
camryn p
but jenna,,, where can i get that SWEATER
Julio Herrera
what breed are the dogs?
When your in public and you do something wrong you hope you stay in the public place forever so you don’t get in trouble
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UM WTF BHAD BHABIE 🤯 High Buying My Dogs Everything They 4 weeks ago   11:40