Audi Coupe Quattro Time! We get answers on the Mystery built 2jz! 2 months ago   19:34

Hoonigan Project Cars
Scotto may have lost his bet - and gotten frosted tips as a result - but that ain't stopping him from working on his cars to get them all running again. Today's patient: the Audi Coupe Quattro, with possibly the most time-intensive timing belt change we've ever had under our roof.

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Hoonigan Project Cars
What’s Scotto gonna finish first?
Landry Houston
yeah just shove a screwdriver in the fuckin cylinder that's fine
Alex Masraum
James Robin
Did you know when your finished working on an Audi your fingers ALWAYS end up tasting like "Salty Sasquatch ButtHole?" WTF? Ya,I know, I thought the same thing you are...How Da Fuq do I confirm this???? So ya....I'm workin on it ? ? ? If any1 has any input, hook me up? ( just remember...a Sasquatch...NOT a Yeti....
Jefte Villasenor
He kind of looks like the guy from daily driven exotics
phoenix Rebel NZ
What about the Rolls-Royce?
Finish the disco. Damnit
Blake Berry
I like how he still refers to PO even though it's been his for 10 years
ian vader
Good Work Dan!
Does it home??? 🤣⚰️
I think Amy did a great job on the tips 👍
xl xxl
I've had plenty of issues with rusted bolts breaking. Easiest thing is to grind down with a Dremel and turn it into a flat head screw and get that thing outta there. There was enough room to use a Dremel, but only you guys really know how much space there was.
Dustin Zynda
When you are used to the rust and corrosion we prep it before trying to get it out. Start spraying it with penetrating oil and heat it etc. before you attempt to remove it. Now living in the south it's easy to forget about the prep work to be done before removing a bolt.
Matthew Mazzella
Please!!!!!! Show that Audi a lot of Love. Pretty hard to find now. Love it!!!!!😍😍
Brian Howe
Alex Perron
Hey Brian, I know you might not read this, but if you do i have a really important question i want to ask you.. Where can you find/ get an audi AAN/ABY/ADU (or 3b) 2.2 20v turbo engine? i know alot of them where on euro cars (audi q2/q4/q6/s2/s4/s6/rs2) around 92-94 but im not sure where to find one other than copart and ebay motors.. This is a dream swap i want to do on my 240sx hatch.. rn however i am struggling on finding the engine that will be the center of this build
Frothy? Gray slop =blown head gasket😂😂😂
Remi Ramos
Shout out to Scotto for taking the tips like a man, working on his carcaine addition, and most of all for blessing us with this sick Wu-Tang soundtrack!
Brian Hawthorne
That green coolant is better than brown pudding from mixing the two coolants.
My 100CS (C4) has been with me for 18 years. It was running for the first 7, timing belt broke and lost the first motor (1st of 3). I fix something major on it every year and immediately after something else breaks. Then it goes back into the corner until next year. In the meanwhile i built four other monsters but I still miss my old money pit. One day It'll hit the streets again... Thanks for the inspiration.
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We get answers on the Mystery built 2jz! Audi Coupe Quattro Time! 2 months ago   20:10

GoofyBuilt Shane and Brent year into the Supra to find the problem with the head gasket and we scope the lower end to see what’s inside ! So kick back and join us as we get all CSI with this 2jz. for some of the best tools around!

P.O. Box 503