Walking in Amsterdam - - time lapse Walking in Barcelona, 2 days ago   05:05

keezi walks

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Dimitris Mythos
Do you always walk in the streets instead of on the sidewalks?
Beltiénta Studio
I hope that Malaysia will be more organised like other developed countries ☹️
Great view this time lapse effect on Amsterdam !
gary browning
No matter what, you are still the best.
Cristina Madero
I miss you! I would love to see long videos walking in African cities.
come to live a little
GO walk dude, we are waiting for that !
mehmet demir
more south america please
Do Kun TV
I feel back to the 90' with this 4:3 resolution but nice footage ! Hyperlapse can also be relaxing. Peace from Taiwan
Fit Lee Fat
Glad to see you back Keezi
What camera do you use for the video ? Thanks.
Надежда Желнина
А где же снег?!
someones wig
Where are you going next?
Sky Samurai
Can you share what gear do you use ?
I was excited when I saw the new vid :)

But then, timelapse :(
My god you're walking fast now Kees! What is the new camera?
Chuck Sandos
👍 ✅ 👏
Out Chillin Media
Cool footage
Headache..click.. Thank you for the grat videos.
Bob's Place
I love the picture quality of this camera. Looking forward to seeing more videos from it. At walking speed preferably. LOL
Tayo Yota
I like the .5 speed even better.
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Walking in Barcelona, Walking in Amsterdam - - time lapse 2 days ago   22:15