Kitchen Nightmares US S06E06 - Revisited Kitchen Nightmares US S05E03 2 months ago   43:38

Kitchen Nightmares is an American reality television series broadcast on the Fox network, in which chef Gordon Ramsay is invited by the owners to spend a week with a failing restaurant in an attempt to revive the business.

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86 my penis
Awesome gaming
2019? Anyone
Ricky Boy Alderosa
I would like to know if this Restau still open @2019
Kori Love
I just called and Michael was there at 1230 good on you Michael
Sean Dunlavey i love how he keeps looking at the prompter XD
Small Child
Anyone here from 2019
the balding twink lol
Richard Sutton
Trudy and Jon are an iconic duo
DoubleDrewski -Minecraft and more
They showed “her apology was not sincere” but it was actually “people say that....” I see what you did there kitchen nightmares.... I see what you did there.
Kitten Wolfe
I love his shirt at 2:19 sorry random
Mario Limbouris
Who's the woman in the purple top with the curly hair sitting next to Tommy?Is that his daughter?I the little girl Tommy's granddaughter?
33:12 and 33:25 That server looks like Bill Hader's character Stefon from SNL 😩
This episode is so good!!!
Denise wants the D big time :D
Violet Soda
John is back, he was so funny and such a deadpan snark in the original episode.
breathing below
If Micheal’s staff decide to leave at any moment he’s screwed. Hope he realizes that and steps up.
Colton's Plush Palace
Anyone else see Gordon kiss that little girl. #GordonBelongsBehindBars
Cobra Kai
Omg when the employee told her boss that she was a rude bitch, I died!
Bl Jay
to be honest, if i would be a limey radio station, I also would urge the restaurant owner publicly to drop the trademark, so days later I can latch onto it myself. I am kinda mad at Gordon for not realizing this conflict of interest. I didn't judge the lady for that at all. If I would have been her, I would have just sold it to the highest bidder, that would have been a win-win.
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Kitchen Nightmares US S05E03 Kitchen Nightmares US S06E06 - Revisited 2 months ago   43:32

Kitchen Nightmares US S05E03