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Kitchen Nightmares is an American reality television series broadcast on the Fox network, in which chef Gordon Ramsay is invited by the owners to spend a week with a failing restaurant in an attempt to revive the business.

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Ian Vecino
"the double Ds" huh
Midlands 88
41:25 hahahahaha Michael was struggling to even jog the fat motherfucker
Midlands 88
Fat Michael needs to run on the treadmill. Not sure what his wife saw in him
Lord _ Scrubington
new youtube boxing round. Chef VS DryWall
TheDoomed Room
86 your age
Richie Rich
What a fake ass sociopath that, Michael.
Richie Rich
Dumb blonde cunt
Julio De León.
Tommy. ❤️
Lester Falcon
Tommy "I missed you man!", the later "Thank you, from here *beats his heart* seriously!". You can see he wanted to makes sure Gordan could see his gratitude and that he's feeling happier in himself for the help he got.
I've seen the Cafe Hon episode before but just...

*How in the fuck do you 86 French fries*
28:08 he didnt say no homo
How are they serving the wine and champagne without a liquor license? 🤔
Joshua Crain
"86 the French fries." 😂
XO Adez
8ighty 6ix the French Fries!
kam shaft
60% of ramesy restaurants he visited died
Steve Cannavo
The daughter from Chirarellas with the curly hair...Damn she is fine!!
Mario Limbouris
it did look like Michael was cooking in the kitchen,so there's that.
That bald dude so cute and hardworking I wanna date him.
Daily News
In the beginning they want to kick Gordens ass out of restaurant but at the end thank you thank you
Very stupid and funny owners
"You're a rude bitch". That definitely hit her pride hard.
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Kitchen Nightmares US S05E03 Kitchen Nightmares US S06E06 - Revisited 5 months ago   43:32

Kitchen Nightmares US S05E03