Inglourious Basterds Full Press Cannes // Q&A with Michael Fassbender 1 day ago   34:11

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In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as "The Basterds" are chosen specifically to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis.

A Quentin Tarantino Film.

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Mike Reif
Where's the dude from the office?
Javier Suárez
6:29 is a major spoiler but in the end it was 2009..
George Bethos
Barbora and Veronika
When Quentin start talking It feels like he will never stop😂 But I love him
Barbora and Veronika
17:45 It's cool that Christoph and Diane don't want to take headsets when Mélanie talking French❤
Jewlywood ,da Goyim know :)
I love how most of them barely said anything.
عبدالكريم القريو
1:26 QT's pan
Brian Reynolds
Phenomenal movie!!! The bar scene is incredible—Tarantino’s masterpiece.
Christoph waltz is so charming
B Ruane
If you want to eat a sauerkraut samich again . The opening scene was pure intensity , very well acted by both actors.
Cöcö Vïnz McMürphy
This looks like the last supper, only, here there's nine apostles
Tarantino's energy level is over 9000 in this clip!
alen Parra
I'm hoping that pig Weinstein did not proposition Melanie Laurent.. I'll rephrase that, I hope she did give in to that slimy buffalo !!
Maybe she told him to fuck off, as I have not seen her in any Hollywood movies since then :(
m ms
August was very impressive in this movie. but they are all great actors.very international movie.Tarantino is the one of the greatest directors.
lol those faces of selfabsorbed movie critics in the audience xDD
32:14 you won’t regret it
The Elephant of Doom
0:51 that hasn't aged well...
Michael Gilbert
First interviewer- hnyah hnyah hnyah!
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Cannes // Q&A with Michael Fassbender Inglourious Basterds Full Press 1 day ago   04:31


Q&A with Michael while in Cannes - talking about Fish Tank, Inglourious Basterds, his first screen test and more!