Nerlens Noel INJURY - SCARY Russell Westbrook Chokes Game 2 weeks ago   03:53

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Minnesota Timberwolves vs Oklahoma City Thunder - Full Game Highlights | January 8, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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"Nerlens Noel injury update: Thunder C (concussion) cleared to return vs. Lakers " Thank God.
Keron Windley
Steven Adams should be an All-star as well as Mvp this season #Facts👍
Aneishka Flores
That guy Wiggins To strong on the rim
Steven Adams when he's young age he wants to be paramedic. He has concerned to people.
dee jay
The fan shouting out @ 2:49 is a dick
Kyleigh Wadsworth
you could see the thunders team praying it was so sweet
Kyleigh Wadsworth
ahh Westbrook telling him to stay awake my hearttt
XxxkoolXxxkid XxxrobloxXxx
He might be dead cause he hit head so hard and the ground is rlly hard 😰😰😓😓😓😢😢
King Tv Producción
Apoyemes en mi canal por favor
Lorenzo Nettles
Adams got a second job
imran wage
galing galing
Jacob Freeman
You can here Russ yell Oh Shit
oh my god i hope he is ok
Hermard Mytil
Adams is a super hero..
Hermard Mytil
that's hurt, elbow against his face,head knock on the floor,even it's not me i feel it..i wish everything gonna be ight for him..
Samsung Galaxy
I hope he sang dead
Jeff layosa
Stupid refs! It should have been a non-call or an offensive foul. The defender is going straight up, the offensive player has thrown an elbow.
Shanna May Sojor
Ricardo Jones
And that fall right there is why he should have accepted Dallas Mavericks offer of 4 years 70 million and Nerlens Noel rejected the offer SMH
Muhd Farhan
Whose no 12? Aquaman?
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Russell Westbrook Chokes Game Nerlens Noel INJURY - SCARY 2 weeks ago   03:49

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