Nerlens Noel INJURY - SCARY Russell Westbrook Chokes Game 5 months ago   03:53

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Minnesota Timberwolves vs Oklahoma City Thunder - Full Game Highlights | January 8, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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Ynigo Velasco
All prayers for Nerlens. Great respect from Steven Adams
chris not pratt
thank god the Sixers got rid of his ass
YT gyzerz
He banged his head sooo hard
King Wayne
Wiggins has the nerve to be mad and make those faces
John Villas
I was really shock and i saw steven adams holding the equipmets well hes allrighy
if you listen closely, you can hear when his head hits the ground at :28! I hate that sound.
Basketball And Football
0:44 Russ is saying stay awake
Blackman Whitesuit
he was back in like a week like nothing happened, which is scary in itself
The nicest person In the universe
I want to high school with him. Before he want to another one
The Truth
Faked the injury.
this is why i love steven adams because he is super cool always protect his team and taking care always this is a good example of being a good teammate.
Teresa Ward
Did you see his arm
0:29 did you hear Russell Westbrook say “oh sh*t”
I can’t believe you idiots actually think that’s an offensive foul. I understand that was a hard fall but he wasn’t in a defensive position at all. Like do you even watch basketball?
davontay jones
Sound like he cracked his scull
Edward Li
I think he got knocked out by the elbow before he hit the ground. Noel's got heart. Hope he recovers quickly.
defaulty_bot_ boi
Son Goku
Did anybody know that steven adams and nerlens noel used to be rivals?
Every minute counts
Im curious to why it takes so long to get help?
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Russell Westbrook Chokes Game Nerlens Noel INJURY - SCARY 5 months ago   03:49

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