Toy Bulldozer Infrared to 27MHz conversion Rokenbok Builder's Club - Remote 5 months ago   18:48

Toy Bulldozer Infrared to 27MHz conversion. Picked this up in the recycling centre for 48p and found none of my infrared transmitters would control it so I swapped the receiver for 27MHz.

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A drifting bulldozer...don't see that every day !
Very nicely done.
JP Slayer Racing
Awesome job. You didn’t give up on it and it turned out to be a cool rc. Doughnuts 🍩 ✌️😎👍
Fims Presents Rc
Nice work gramps
Drew Spicer
Hi when the sonic vidoo out I'm soo excited to see lolgrate vid😊
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Rokenbok Builder's Club - Remote Toy Bulldozer Infrared to 27MHz conversion 5 months ago   01:14

Sit down with your kids every Tuesday to watch a new Builder's Club Video. The Rokenbok Remote Controlled Bulldozer is this week's star attraction. You control this powerful, agile, and versatile machine with the ROK Star remote control. The Dozer's favorite job is recycling!