Chris Brown - Back To Love Chris Brown - Gimme That 1 day ago   04:55

“Back To Love” out now!

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I love it!
Dwayne Marshall
Could this really be a dedication to Rihanna,,,,,,,, HUUUUUM?? 😎
Galaxy Ninja
Toussaint Boucan
The sound that gives the goose chair this sound make me think a lot I still love you Chris Brown
Chacha Knt
Waaaw 😻😻😻
Тимур Тавакалов
Amazing ❤️
10,000 Subs With No Videos
1:18 me after washing my hands
Hasan chowdhury
Speedy Cerviche
This makes me wanna listen to (loose ends) "hanging from a string" great song 👍🏿 both of em
Tshepo Trust Hunyepa
Tht was a gwaragwara dance move 💯
Whitemanfromtowne T
Brown is the only one I've seen that has the agility in his dancing like the greats J Brown and MJ. He's a natural...very impressive.
He can dance like a mofo
Jakob Dziabel
15k haters 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
Daniel Petersen
Say what u want bout him it does not take the fact that he's talented
Lesley Matila
saw some GWARAGWARA there..big up Chris..Big South Africa
Jeda Cotia
Chris you talking french😍
camila vázquez
Like si hablas español

Soy la única que habla español
mugerwa winnie
Masaka kids africana🔥🔥🔥
Jasmine Grande
In loveeee😍👏🏽❤️
Offline 69
The old Chris breezy
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Chris Brown - Gimme That Chris Brown - Back To Love 1 day ago   04:55

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Young Carter, I'm harder then them other boys.
I ain't even fronting, baby I can take a summer off.
I can break a woman off.
I can take the stomach off, one of my trucks.
Now I'm riding in the goods.
Line it on up, guarantee you get served.
Lil' Chris, said run it,
So I ran and told her.
I'm a cash money young'n,
Bird-man junior.
Just a president, looking for a minor occurrence.

The young boy just turned 16 and I got
6 4's and hot bikes that I rock.
Keep 3 or 4 sweeties on my clock,
but all that swinging in that bikini just make him dizzy.
Slow all the traffic down to a complete stop,
'Cause you speaking that slang that I talk.
That sassy tempo with that walk,
May be the reason that all this teenies may never see me.

Momma you may be 3 years older but you hot (gimme that)
you be talking like you like what I got (gimme that)
I know you like it how I lean in the 'lac,
you could be in the back saying (gimme, gimme, gimme)"