Karina Says YES to Ronald for 24 HOURS! 24 HOUR CHALLENGE SIRI PICKS 2 days ago   14:01

The payback is HERE! Karina says YES to Ronald for 24 hours!

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24 HOUR CHALLENGE SIRI PICKS Karina Says YES to Ronald for 24 HOURS! 2 days ago   19:09

Shalom guys! Hope your day is great but better watching this funny 24 hour challenge...Siri picks my daily routine on my iPhone XS for 24 hours! This challenge was so fun and let’s just say my iPhone XS and Siri knows me pretty well. I gave Siri four options to chose from involving activities from my everyday make up routine, morning routine, afternoon routine, and my night routine. Then Siri chooses which I should do for 24 hours. Letting my apple iPhone, AKA Siri control my life in this 24 hour challenge was one of my favorites and you should definitely try it with your Apple iPhone.

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I hope you enjoy watching what Siri picks for my daily routine. Do you have an Apple iPhone? have you ever had Siri control for your life before? Comment all the options you would have picked if you were Siri. 📲

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