Is sea level rising?: Benjamin P. Horton Fermi's Paradox and the Psychology of Galactic 2 months ago   19:02

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An analytical and historical look into the trend of rising sea levels, the effects of which are already being felt today, and the impact it could have on our shorelines in the not so distant future.

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ricardo machado
Resume/ humans don't have any interference with global warming or cooling. Only the sun have the force to make climate changes in the world. Co2 is irrelevant.
daniel higgins
The sea level has been rising .3mm per year, for several centuries. There's no evidence or data showing that rate has increased or is increasing.
Brad Mercier
Good grief this is typical of the alarmist rhetoric coming out of these TED talks. Moreover there are blatant false assumptions.
1.When satellite data started being used the rise mjumped from .2mm/year to 3mm/year, wouldt one question that it has to do with methodology??
2. He refers to the medieval warm that the warm period that M McMann said did not exist?
3. He said sea levels are higher now than in p[ast 120K years, hence the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Of course sea levels have been rising due to the interglacial period we are no in, so what? It had aboslutely nothing to do with the destruction from Sandy.
Marcus Payne
Should be concerned with plastic in the sea.
Michael Kuhl
Remember a book by Michael Crichton, called "State Of Fear"??
That's what these junk scientists are trying to create, with lies and fraudulent requests for money...
geoff mcintosh
FYI I have lived on the ocean in Margaret River in Western Australia for the last 29 years.... No sea level raise AT ALL. in that time.
Leander Barreto
Sea level rise will affect the tropics the most
Max Pucher
TED has turned into a leftist propaganda arm, There is no unusual sea level rise. He talks about what might happen if it melts but not that there is any dangerous rate. So he is just fear mongering. Fake science ...
jet li
Projecting the future by looking at 20 years of data. And the rise in the last 100 years has been....0.6 inch. I don't care what clever distorted  graphs he made, he's not doing this for humanity, he's doing it for fame and a few grants ($).
Amos Soma
Why didn't you go back 120,000 years to show that the sea level was 25' higher than today?
What a hoaxer. I do notice that thias speech is from 2013 so I will excuse this climate denier. He doesnt know the latest data. But most of scientists and laymen that takes an interest knew this was hogwash back in 2013 lol
Handiman Jay
Yes there is Climate Change, it always has and always will. Has man contributed, probably. Can we stop climate from changing, absolutely not. It will still change with or without mans “help”.
John Zyp
High sea levels really did and will again flood over New Orleans.
John Zyp
The sea level really did rise and really did flood New York. Now the sea level in Carolina really did kill people. More high sea levels will come. So listen and prepare for future high sea levels.
David Paul
I thought this was a musical?
Tony Smith
Aren't these the same people that said there would be a coming ICE AGE in the 1990 ? Water wars in the 80s, food and water rationing in the early 1970s. And they have been WRONG EVERY TIME ! And each time not even the lowest estimate of change was close to reality, it was always MUCH LESS !
see Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics
see Orwell's Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change CorbettReport
And why don't they stop companies from polluting, not ONLY carbon emissions ? Business puts out THOUSANDS to MILLION times MORE CARBON and POLLUTION. So why NEVER mention POLLUTION ? Or they COMPANIES are the real problem ?
Efficiency !!!!
Or how Planned Osolescence is the biggest problem ? This only benefits some companies !
Buy something made for business and you will see a huge quality difference !
I still have my laser printer from the 1990s and it works great ! Inkjets more expensive and designed to stop working !
Example - instead of making a car that needs to be junked and replaced every 10 - 15 years, why not make them from STAINLESS STEEL or ALUMINUM so they never rust ?
Why not make electric cars or diesel hybrids that got 100 MPH and was built by KIDS ? Or other cars sold ONLY in Europe that get 90MPG or MORE ?
Make cell phones that can be repaired, APPLE IPhones, cant be repaired, same for iPads, and their computers !
Make all computers easily repaired and upgraded, like how most PCs are !
Make furniture from GOOD WOOD not particle board, and use it for 200 - 300 years ! Like they used to be made ! Not have it break in a few years !
Make appliances durable again, they are now MADE TO FAIL, see CBC story !
Same for Printers, printer ink. They should be easy and cheap to repair.
All items should be easy and cheap to repair !
Will it reduce some jobs, yes, but it will greatly reduce the money you spend.
Make traffic lights to always be green in the higher traffic side, and change only when needed, save time and gas !
Terry Lee
In 2008 and earlier, it was "Global Warming". The Arctic should be ice free and New York and Miami should be below sea level. Since those prediction were wrong, they now call it "Climate Change". All we hear is scare tactics. Why don't they have a true debate with the so called "Climate Denier" (they also believe in climate change)? Also, where is the science? They never mention that the CO2 level approx. 250 million years ago was over 4000 ppm and that there was an ice age during that time. Also plants grow better with CO2 level over 1000 ppm and most plants will die if it is below 100 ppm. Did they conveniently forget that it was warmer in the 1930's during the dust bowl and 1215 when King John signed the Magna Carta?
Philip Irvine
Dane Hart
last 100 year farmers pulls water out of ground . replace it , then talk sea levels !#% smart azz
Do you know this is no Wiki article underneath this video...
The debate is over
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Fermi's Paradox and the Psychology of Galactic Is sea level rising?: Benjamin P. Horton 2 months ago   23:45

We now know that the Galaxy is full of potentially habitable planets. So why do we see no signs that any civilizations have come before us? Matt O'Dowd, astrophysicist and host of PBS Space Time, explains why Fermi's paradox really is so surprising, and he offers a new piece of evidence that may point towards the solution.

Astrophysicist Matthew O’Dowd spends his time studying the universe, especially really far-away things like Quasars, super-massive black holes and evolving galaxies. He completed his Ph.D. at NASA´s Space Telescope Science Institute, followed by work at the University of Melbourne and Columbia University. Currently he is a professor at the City University of New York´s Lehman College and an Associate at the American Museum of Natural Historys Hayden Planetarium.

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