Is sea level rising?: Benjamin P. Horton Fermi's Paradox and the Psychology of Galactic 4 months ago   19:02

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An analytical and historical look into the trend of rising sea levels, the effects of which are already being felt today, and the impact it could have on our shorelines in the not so distant future.

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Don Ghiata
I believe winter, spring, summer, and fall come and go every year. That's climate change. That's the only climate change I believe in. The sky is not falling !
Richard Guy
Go tell it to the mountains. Sea level is not rising and is not going to rise because it is constantly receding and had been doing so for a very long time. It is not about to go into reverse!
Don Ghiata
Go to Florida and go to the beach. The sea level is not rising one inch. These morons just keep lying endlessly about global warming. They need to shut their lying mouths.
Nigel Williams
This talk is completely pointless. We all know that sea level has been rising for thousands of years and will probably continue to do so, albeit at a tiny 3mm per year.
The claim that extreme weather is becoming more frequent is completely bogus. If anything, extreme weather events are less frequent as the poles have warmed more than the equatorial regions, so the temperature gradient between the two is less.
I struggle to understand the current crop of climate alarmists who ignore facts and blame all climate change upon humankind.
Gender Politik
Seems this guy was lying!
Him Bike
1:39 “there’re going to have to abandon there homes.”
Property prices in Malibu
San Francisco. La Jolla. HNL.
Maui. Continue to sky rocket.
We were told Manhattan would be under water by now ?
This guy speaking is a Kool Aid
drinking clown.
Rea Ality
I am pretty sure sea levels have been rising for about 20,000 years and will continue no matter what mankind does. 90% of the last 4.65 billion years have been warmer than today with many periods when Earth had no ice at all. The biggest problem with anthropologic global warming is the pressure on climate from natural space weather is always included in their calculations as human-caused pressure. The subject is used by Socialist to gain control of fools and their resources. Mankind can not control the climate! Socialism is the mother of ignorance, selfishness, inequality, and war.
Climate models have been around at least 20 years. Long enough to illustrate how absolutely wrong they have been. The models aren't even close to what happened in reality. There is no reason at all, certainly nothing scientific, to believe that current predictions are any better than past predictions. 20 years ago we were told Florida would be under water by now. Way off!
stewart green
Lets first talk facts: actual recorded sea level rises are a miniscual 3 mm a year - a small ripple. But using computer models designed by climate scarers like myself we project they will suddenly rise 20ft!!!!! Mmmm lets see what has actually happened since the 6 years he did this catastrophic dire warning..... 3mm a year rise - yup we are still recovering from the ice age! at this rate in a HUNDRED years it will have risen 1ft - again a small wave - not even choppy water - no one and nothing is really concerned about this! - it is all a fuss over nothing , but I am sure he has written a book he wants you to buy - "why you all will die within ten years if you don't read my book"
PhotoFusion Technologies, Inc.
I have compared Photographs of harbors all over the world from the 1800's to modern photos of the same harbors. I can see no perceptible seal level changes between the old photos and modern ones. So where is the change.? If there is it is very small or due to tidal differences .
ricardo machado
Resume/ humans don't have any interference with global warming or cooling. Only the sun have the force to make climate changes in the world. Co2 is irrelevant.
daniel higgins
The sea level has been rising .3mm per year, for several centuries. There's no evidence or data showing that rate has increased or is increasing.
Brad Mercier
Good grief this is typical of the alarmist rhetoric coming out of these TED talks. Moreover there are blatant false assumptions.
1.When satellite data started being used the rise mjumped from .2mm/year to 3mm/year, wouldt one question that it has to do with methodology??
2. He refers to the medieval warm that the warm period that M McMann said did not exist?
3. He said sea levels are higher now than in p[ast 120K years, hence the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Of course sea levels have been rising due to the interglacial period we are no in, so what? It had aboslutely nothing to do with the destruction from Sandy.
Marcus Payne
Should be concerned with plastic in the sea.
Michael Kuhl
Remember a book by Michael Crichton, called "State Of Fear"??
That's what these junk scientists are trying to create, with lies and fraudulent requests for money...
geoff mcintosh
FYI I have lived on the ocean in Margaret River in Western Australia for the last 29 years.... No sea level raise AT ALL. in that time.
Leander Barreto
Sea level rise will affect the tropics the most
Max Pucher
TED has turned into a leftist propaganda arm, There is no unusual sea level rise. He talks about what might happen if it melts but not that there is any dangerous rate. So he is just fear mongering. Fake science ...
jet li
Projecting the future by looking at 20 years of data. And the rise in the last 100 years has been....0.6 inch. I don't care what clever distorted  graphs he made, he's not doing this for humanity, he's doing it for fame and a few grants ($).
Amos Soma
Why didn't you go back 120,000 years to show that the sea level was 25' higher than today?
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Fermi's Paradox and the Psychology of Galactic Is sea level rising?: Benjamin P. Horton 4 months ago   23:45

We now know that the Galaxy is full of potentially habitable planets. So why do we see no signs that any civilizations have come before us? Matt O'Dowd, astrophysicist and host of PBS Space Time, explains why Fermi's paradox really is so surprising, and he offers a new piece of evidence that may point towards the solution.

Astrophysicist Matthew O’Dowd spends his time studying the universe, especially really far-away things like Quasars, super-massive black holes and evolving galaxies. He completed his Ph.D. at NASA´s Space Telescope Science Institute, followed by work at the University of Melbourne and Columbia University. Currently he is a professor at the City University of New York´s Lehman College and an Associate at the American Museum of Natural Historys Hayden Planetarium.

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