BREXIT: Jeremy Corbyn CLASHES Brexit delay will face 2 days ago   11:39

In the House of Commons, Prime Minister Theresa May has updated MPs on last week’s EU summit.

She says the EU summit focused on climate change, disinformation, the EU’s external relations, and what the EU calls its “top jobs”.

She says she was there because the UK has agreed to continue contributing fully to EU discussions while it remains a member.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn says there have been three wasted years since the vote to leave the EU. And we will soon be on our third prime minister, he says.

He says Theresa May wasted time appealing to the wilder extremes in her party, instead of reaching out across the Commons.

Does she accept it was a mistake to legitimise the idea of no deal?

Does May believe no deal should be on the table as a viable option?

What would be worse? Crashing out in October? Or putting it back to the people for a final say?


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Brexit delay will face BREXIT: Jeremy Corbyn CLASHES 2 days ago   02:17

Any future prime minister seeking to delay Brexit beyond the end of October would face "enormous hostility" from the European Union, the Irish Taoiseach has warned.

Leo Varadkar said an extension to the UK's membership would not be entertained for further negotiations or indicative votes, despite claims from the remaining Tory leadership contenders that they will be able to make changes to the withdrawal deal.

Arriving in Brussels at the start of the European Council summit, which will be dominated by the election of the bloc's top jobs, rather than Brexit, Mr Varadkar told reporters there was a "strong view" across the EU that there should be no more extensions.

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