UK will make its own decision on 5G and Huawei, US economy doing well despite 1 day ago   03:06

CNBC International TV
U.K. Culture, Media and Sport Minister Jeremy Wright discusses the United States' decision to block Huawei from its 5G network.

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Bill Christian
This fellow has been left out of the loop. The US is expanding bans and sanctions on Huawei, and the UK has not been given an exemption. All of the US ass kissing allies will comply to Trump's policy.
Buy American so you can be monitored by CIA
5G: The main reason. One is way better than the other. So the better one gets banned. The one who is not better, can become the leader in 5G by increasing the Innovation game. Oh but you know what, we won't do it, we'll just ban them😑
Because there is no real testing for health effects everyone who wants 5G should sleep with their phones under their pillows and you guys can be the guinea pigs.
Hauwei “ we experience technical difficulty “ during war time....😂🤣😅 bad thing is coming....
Huawei No.1
🇬🇧 made tons of profit from 🇨🇳 since East India company era.
Tea = Huawei
Opium = Trump(orphan of British Empire)
Jacky Tang
Don’t buy for them wait for us, I guarantee you within 2 years my 5G is ready and you only pay double the price.
Mike Smith
What about the health risks of 5G? The EU are banning it because it could be dangerous. Why are we accepting it? Shouldn't the people decide?
Cam Neo
UK, u will learn your lesson soon! Look at the agreements made by China when you handed Hong Kong to them, all gone!
Michael Young
The World just have to use their common sense. US says China cannot be trusted. The World says, where is the weapons of Mass destructions? I know where it is. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Panama, and there are more hidden unused weapons of mass destructions with US allies, that's where it is.
Macron’s Answer to Trump’s Threat: Europe Won’t Block Huawei. Watch Bloomberg news now .
As a Chinese saying , Trump's administration is *Lifting a rock only to have his own toes squashed* .
Sinjin Smyth
USA can lick my BAWLZ!!!
Cosmo Ray
Better listen or you'll face sanctions.
normanjoness Protect yourself TODAY!!!
Culture Secretary? UK is a joke.
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US economy doing well despite UK will make its own decision on 5G and Huawei, 1 day ago   03:22

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