Wenatchee High School Mariachi Autistic Boy Takes Hidden Microphone 6 months ago   05:04

Ramon Rivera
Wenatchee High School Mariachi Program
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Autistic Boy Takes Hidden Microphone Wenatchee High School Mariachi 6 months ago   06:28

Children with special needs require varying levels of care, both at home and at school. Milissa Davis can certainly attest to that, as her son Camden is severely autistic. However, after seeing a dramatic change in his behavior, she planted a recording device in his backpack, hoping to discover the cause. The resulting audio led to the dismissal of two people at his school.

Camden was a student at The Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy in Louisiana. It’s a school that specializes in teaching children with special needs. The facility welcomes those who have conditions such as Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, Down syndrome, ADHD and autism. However, Davis started to notice that something was wrong in March 2018.

Camden’s behavior at home was changing, as the 12-year-old started to act aggressively towards his parents. Furthermore, he was also wetting the bed and displaying signs of anxiety. However, due to his autism he couldn’t explain what the problem was. Concerned, Davis decided to approach the school, hoping to find some much-needed answers.

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