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everyвody нυrтѕ... everyвody ѕcreαмѕ... everyвody ғeelѕ тнιѕ wαy... αɴd ιт'ѕ oĸ...

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Love this song! My favorite off Avril's new album I think; it's so relatable. Anyways, been working on this video since last weekend; in between studying for exams and stuff. It's been quite relaxing. I'm rather pleased when I can convince myself to make full videos. Oh gosh, where to begin on this? I have a lot to say because this video is really special. Like REALLY special. The most special video I've made in a long time. For sentimental reasons, if more than anything.

Obvious first, Daniel Gillies is the new love of my life, now and forever. *pushes all the other LOMLs aside* Sorry boys, this man right here is AMAZING. And I can't exactly explain how or why he's amazing, he just is! So don't question it. My best friend in the entire world and I love this man to death. Ok, so we were "introduced" to Daniel from VD, but now we've moved on to seeing some of his other works. He's a wonderfully talented actor.

One that touched our hearts in a truly inspiring way and made us both fall completely head over heals in love with Daniel is a film called "Uncross the Stars", a VERY underrated and possibly rarely seen movie from 2008. Jess and I had never heard of it until we started liking Daniel. It's an amazing movie, with a beautiful and touching story, wonderful characters, and incredible casting. I highly recommend it. It made us both cry; it was so good!

Alright, so my video centers around the main character, Troy. Troy is an architect grieving over the loss of his wife, Corrine. Troy's life feels empty, he's alone and confused. After reading a letter Corrine wrote to him before she passed, he takes her suggestion and drives to visit his aunt, Hilda, and build her a porch. But he learns his purpose there is much more important. He learns to express his pain with the help of some interesting people, and he discovers things about himself. It's a lovely film. Again, I highly recommend it! 8D


^^As if I don't do this enough, I want to dedicate this one to my bestie, Jazzy Jess. Because she loves this movie and Danny as much as I do. We actually watched the movie "together". It was a lot of fun! But besides the obvious, what can I say? She is forever my soul sister. I love you so much, girlie. I hope you enjoy this! Thank you so much for allowing me to use this song. Your awesome and beautiful video inspired me. Go ahead and Dannygasm all the way! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love ya forever and ever, biotch! *hugs*

Music: "Everybody Hurts" by Avril Lavigne
Footage: Uncross the Stars

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i love this so much and so many feelings in here ♥ i watched the movie so many times and i always cry q.q god damn you did an awesome job to show love feelings and all emotion ♥
Wow...Daniel was so good at breakiing my heart on TVD but here he almost made me cry. Thank you for making this.
@SweeneyloverJDDG13 me too ;)
AWWW....looove it..so sweet and beautiful video...I'm in love with this movie and this man..hahaha...Since i saw him in TVD as Elijah i had to see more of him in other movies and this one..OMG...blows me away..simple touching story...laughs and cries..I did made me cry when he cried...:(( Well done for this video...:))))
This is such a beautiful movie!!! I love Troy!!! I felt so sorry for him! You captured him perfectly in this video!!! Your song choice is good too!!!^_^
Epic video!!!! I am in love with it!!!! it is brilliant!!!!!!!!
Amanda Lopez
WOW, this is soo incredible, love!! I love how dramatic and touching it is. It is so gorgeous and the song is amazing! Heard it first time in Jess's 100th video and it was beautiful!! Beautiful work, my darlingest Mar!! This is just such a touching gorgeous video!! Lovely, just lovely hun!! :D
hmm I haven't seen this movie but I might watch it now....also, where do you get your clips? do you use a dvd ripping software?
ROCKS!!! I've been listening to her new album these past few days and I will admit this is a FAVOURITE song I adore! It set the tone of the video and story just beautifully! Daniel just makes me smile so much right now and I couldn't help but keep this HUGE smile across my face through this. Marissa, your editing in this video was AMAZING! You literally continue to blow me away with your AWESOME Videos. You put alot of hard work into this and it's paid off. WELL DONE! so proud of you! *hugs*
WOW......WOW......That was utterly, utterly BEAUTIFUL! I was in AW of this video from beginning to the end, by the end of this, no lie, I felt the tears in my eyes, especially at the scenes where Daniel's crying. *squeals* Oh Daniel is just so GORGEOUS!!! Love him! I MUST see this movie now because when I read r description I went hmm interesting then when I saw the video playing I was like This is so Beautiful! The beginning with the words and audio was PERFECT! And EXCELLENT song choice. Avril
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Tomboy - It's OK to be Gay (lyrics) .it's ok to be afraid. ● troy;uncross the stars 3 months ago   04:28

Tomboy - It's OK to be Gay
A funny song about gay people. Im not gay but in dont have enithing against gay people.