Pinoy Joyride - Nasugbu Ternate Agas-Agas Bridge in Southern Leyte 1 day ago   13:39

Driving to Costa de Hamilo passing Mount Palay Palay from Ternate to Nasugbu Batangas. The view of the cove and sea was beautiful! And we will be seeing the Kaybiang Tunnel, currently as of this documentation's longest tunnel in the Philippines... was it not Edsa which is longer? Enjoy watching!
6:29 - Kaybiang Tunnel
7:57 - cove view
12:30 - Costa del Hamilo / Pico De Loro

Road Condition - Good paved roads
Drive thrill - Relaxing trail, enjoy the views
Security - Safe at morning I don't know about evening
Rating: 5/5 :-|

Its uncomfortable driving when some senior citizen beside you is doing some homily ....

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Mike A
Very helpful po ng video na to. Magdrive po ako dito this weekend going to Canyon Cove. Thanks for sharing this Sir :)
Pepeng kaliwete
Nkktakot ang daan lalo gabi....
Very nice and helpful vid. Keep it up.
Aaron Tolentino
hi is the kaybiang tunnel the boundary of ternate and nasugbu?
Syzygy Dualcast
can't wait to visit this place
Bernz Lucero
Bong Mancilla
Maganda walang pollution....tahimik....october 26 2017 joyride ako pa birthday ko sa sarili ko ginamit ko kabayo ko na mio i125 lupet sarap lakas humatak paakyat ng bundok....uulitin ko ito dertsong tagaytay
Joey Cruz
dapat lagyan ng ilaw ang kaybiang tunnel
Joey Cruz
dapat lagyan ng ilaw ang wawa port road to canyon cove
what vihichle are you using
Carlos Carlos
I think from manila this is also the best route going to canyon cove?... am I right sir?
Good alternative route to Nasugbu and other Western Batangas towns if you came from Manila.
Ronaldo Junio
nice upload again... tnks!!
Minard brigole
Ang saya talaga hihihi
i been here last week,the view is amazing! the kaybiang tunnel beautiful, no traffic huh?!
btw nice video!
PJ Ticaya
Sir let's say galing kaming Carmona going to Calatagan, what route do u suggest? Governor's Drive all the way to Trece>Naic>Ternate-Nasugbu Road>Calatagan Road... or, The Aguinaldo Hiway>Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road>Calatagan Road? What is the best if traffic is a consideration, and the shortest time to travel?
thomaswinkee cruz
kung ganyan ba naman ba madadaanan mo, hindi ako magdadalawang isip na gastusan ng gasolina sasakyan ko at paulit ulit na mag drive sa ganyang kagandang lugar
its closer to metro manila and the views are simply amazing.....
Jonathan Victor Calda
Drove this road a few days ago. Unfortunately it was around 12 midnight so I was not able to enjoy the scenery. I did get a different thrill though since I foolishly refused to refuel my car along Governor's Drive thinking I could do that when I get to Batangas. By the time I got to the area shown at 4:29 my fuel gauge was two lines before it hit empty. To add insult to injury, I even made a mistake when I went straight ahead to Caylabne instead of turning left in the area shown at 4:54, so upon seeing a closed gate I had to turn around.

When I got to Nasugbu there were no 24-hour gas stations. Good thing there was a vendor of bottled gasoline along J.P. Laurel Highway and had to settle for those until I got back to Tagaytay to refuel.

It was an unforgettable experience. Driving an empty road in the dark not knowing if your car can go for long. Crazy AF.
Batibot étoile
dmitri, is this the best route and also the safest to travel to punta fuego from makati?
btw-like your channel. thanks!
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Agas-Agas Bridge in Southern Leyte Pinoy Joyride - Nasugbu Ternate 1 day ago   06:08

The Agas-Agas Bridge is a prestressed concrete beam bridge on the Pan-Philippine Highway. The ₱1.024-billion bridge was funded partially by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. With a length of about 350 meters (1,150 feet) and a height of 292 feet (89 meters) above ground,[2] the center span of the structure measures 177 meters (581 feet) in length supported by two piers measuring 241 foot (73 meters) and 246 foot (75 meters) from the ground.[3]

The mountainous Agas-Agas section of the Pan-Philippine Highway in Southern Leyte is prone to landslides during heavy rains, much more when a typhoon strikes the province. The bridge was constructed in 2006 to avoid the troublesome section and cut down the driving time for motorists.[4]

Seeing its high tourism potential the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) submitted to President Gloria Arroyo the plan to turn the bridge into a haven for enthusiasts of bungee jumping, paramotor, downhill skateboarding, zip-line, rappelling and other extreme sports. On August 9, 2009, the president signed the construction of the bungee jumping platform along the bridge as well as other tourism amenities.

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