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Living Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicole
We are running low on clothes. Jake and I take a trip to town to do some laundry and get some groceries. The next day is probably the hardest day we've had on the property watch to find out why... Enjoy 😊
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Video made by Nicole starring Jake!!

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Living Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicole
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Eduardo Gavino
The couple have the most honest interest to relate what they have done. Sometime things does not congruent to reality but that is not a sin, merely to relate. I would appreciate if we share our love to them. Thanks
Chuck Logan
Nicole is so beautiful!! Very lucky man Jake!,
the pimp & the thumbnail hoe looking for sponsor,= hoe money so sad
Bryan Mabb
Jake & Nicole ? How did you start your adventure and how did you get the land your living on ?
Robert Gillis
Fucking click bait.... Help fund us... Always the same crap
brenda black
iam happy to send you a pack a toilet paper for all the dribble that comes out of your mouths :},go and get a real job and fund your life yourselfs without bludging your way through it from gullible people
Planet CEO
Nobody builds a yurt. Boy sucks girls dick....
Planet CEO
Chick is a dumb ass, they are both dildos and pretty much shit for brains....
Billy Joe Mac Allister
Good video! Great Thumb Nail don't be ashamed. Thats Mother Nature at its best right there! All good. Seriously someone dropping bear mace down for you ... much love!
Cathleen de Ontiveros
Your content is good, clickbate is costing subscribers. I hope for the channels sake you will change the title
Jeff Mays
Yep, I'm out - no. 423,361
Seth Racc
The best way to loose subs is to use your wife for views.
Double A AMV
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came here for the thumbnail
And So did you
J Abbot
Oh no, where are the tits? Seen the whole video - for nothing :-(
Go get some Avon "Skin so Soft" mozzies hate it , they wont come near you.
What's that sound I keep hearing? Is it... laughter? Yeah, theirs. GoFundMe. You've got to be kidding. Or maybe not. I guess that's why they're laughing!
Mike Tackett
I've got a question who is the woman in the thumbnail pic ? It might be the one in the video but I don't think so but I've been wrong before
Crap click bate never watch again!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Life Acres
Were off grid as well and we ended up purchasing a low water washing machine, it was about 500$ and it works really well. 6 gallons of water per wash and only takes Watts to run. Only down fall is it wont take any blankets. To small unfortunately but has lowered our laundry days to once a month in town. Its a Danby twin tub
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10 Fast Amazing Idiots Biggest Girl Builds Off Grid Yurt 1 day ago   17:12

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