India Economic Outlook 2019: Davos 2019 - Press Conference: 1 day ago   05:08

Rabobank economists Hugo Erken and Raphie Hayat discuss the outlook for the Indian economy. Read more at

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Tara Gragg
Growrh in India.
Brij Kishore
This show is favouring a political party in India.
K Jones
Here's a great video on India's economic prospects, for another perspective:
shipra purohit
you guys are so good...... it was simple and to the point...... if u can come up with many more things related to India many more news updates..... it will be great..... keep it up.....maintain your quality........
K Jones
LOL!....anyone investing in the Indian economy has a wish to give their money away.
Alpesh Choriya
Only Modi no Papu
Jay Kinarkar
Like plz Those who feels that this time again modi government should come....
Shruti Soni
Ethan Hunt
These people are understimating INDIA AND INDIAN GROWTH.... Is is a anti india propogada video.???
Sudendu Gupte
Good promising but the BJP has to win and continue in the same way as they have done for 5yrs. Thanks.
Manchuvaru Reddy
Good & great going. INDIA DIL MANGEY MORE. This is not enough.
Pravin Chowdhry
Are you chutiya?
roystonjohn lourdes
Fucking western pigs...always love showing old delhi as india...bunch of mother fucking cunts
ChoCavDav brother
They talk sh**
manju kambi
Not again,don't trust these red people's again
Ashish Bansal
education, health service, road infra , railways, frigate and rural infra is major concerns.

where we have to foucs.
1) primary education.

i think we have to join primary education with MGNREGA.
1hr compulsory class early morning.

raise passing standard to 60%, if we cannot give jobs to 33% passed candidate then why we pass them.

2) Water security

we have to dig wells and lakes and during mansoon season we will enough fresh water.
it also leads to the unskilled employment.

3) Health Care
we need to invest enough in health care
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Davos 2019 - Press Conference: India Economic Outlook 2019: 1 day ago   32:22

As trade tensions between the world’s largest economies affect economic confidence and momentum, which are the bright spots in the world economy that could help offset tighter financial markets conditions and uncertainty? (with Gian Maria Milesi Feretti, Deputy Director, Research Department IMF; moderated by Gerry Rice, Spokesperson for the International Monetary Fund).

· Gita Gopinath, Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington DC; Young Global Leader.
· Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington DC.