Removing Barnacles From Poor Removing Sea Turtles from nets!!! 2 days ago   10:02

Removing Barnacles From Poor Sea Turtles Compilation - Rescue Sea Turtles! Part 2

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Turtle Rescue

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dreadthedays Music
Wow... The net removal was emotional and intense. That poor turtle.... I feel guilt even though i didnt do it... We all should.
Membahagiakan rasanya bisa membantu kura-kura dari parasit yang menempel di cangkangnya
Stealth Cat
You shouldn’t just pull string out of any animal’s mouth especially if it’s that deep (or if the string is coming out from the butt) because the string may be looped and hooked up inside therefore pulling it could kill the animal. Because you may rip off internal flesh with the loop which could cause internal bleeding, or inflammation due to scars you made when pulling the string. However, do not abandon it, I strongly recommend that you take the animal to the vet or call the appropriate authorities and hand over the troubled little one 💙 If you haven’t found animal in trouble but you can see waste in the forest or sea, you can help to prevent this and pick it up. If you are a young kid and reading this, do not touch toxic waste, or needles, ask your parent.
십분짜리영상에 남의영상퍼와서 편집한건데 광고가 몇개냐
Gilmara Assis
Jogando esses parasitas na água não é pior? O certo não seria mata los?
papa bits
Removing barnicals from turtles will kill them , it’s a sign that the turtles are sick and pulling off the barnicals this way is not recommended,
lori ann Costello
Everyone who goes out to sea should carry tiny scissors!
Tracy Morris
thank god you where able to release all that from within that poor baby
Goddamm that fish net
Vicki Taylor
Semira Gavanski
Saia da Sombra Amém
Humans, the cancer of world
Junie Lok
Please keep on. Really difficult for them without your help .
I cried seeing that the net cut into the fin. That was very hard (yet satisfying because you know its helping!) watching the net come out I know it was difficult for the turtle. Glad they saved him/her!!!
When they got that big one off his belly in my head I said "YEAHHHH get those fuckers off!"
Рустам Курбанов
Почему ни кого нет нормального ножа? Всякие зубочистки носите с собой 😁
А так людям респект 👍👍👍
Jae Montage
God bless these ppl
schizet b
Awesome work of kindness.
Goddess k
Plot twist the barnacles were just a turtle fashion trend
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Removing Sea Turtles from nets!!! Removing Barnacles From Poor 2 days ago   14:47

I found this to be absolutely fascinating to watch and actually quite satisfying.... let me know what you think!!!

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