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How did downtown San Diego become what it is today? In her continuing series "San Diego's Evolving Downtown," KPBS Metro reporter Katie Orr looks at a variety of influences on the city's urban core.

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Miles Goodman
You failed to show Broadway from First to India. The Seven Seas Centers was the dominant business and had as many, if not more customers than 4th and Broadway, to 12th st. I know. I was part of that innovative development which has been hopelessly ignored by the elegant, core business such as Marstons and Lyons!
Mark Mace
I love you Ken Kramer
Billy Mulvaney
I stayed here in 1974 while in the Navy it was a nice place to stay
Edward Crutcher
I remember when the travelator the moving sidewalk was being removed I was doing some work there and
there still was a smart restaurant there sat an old time hollywood star one of the kings of
monster movies, John let's call him.
I also had a chance to ride up to the penthouse and see some of the inside of that Old grand hotel.
Edward Crutcher
Talking about the 1800's when I got there in 1977 it was like the 1800's again tell the real story.
We rented a room in that Grand Hotel for next to nothing.
Other sailors had other stories.
Still San diego, Ca was great place to come up in my 20's.
LosAngeles MexicanMaster
Well, there is a new downtown library and Padres have a ball park and the Chargers want to build a football stadium downtown. But no parking or a parking space for any tailgate parties. The fans are either too stupid or blind to see the fiasco coming up for wanting to build a football stadium downtown. Too crowed already.
I was solely responsible for revitalizing downtown back in the 1980s.
Soozi inCa
My father was an appraiser for "Percy H. Goodwin Real Estate Co." in the early 60's.  I have fond memories of going into the downtown office on occasional weekends.  My Dad would let me type on his state of the art "electric typewriter"!  We'd have lunch @ WOOLWORTH'S, do some shopping, &  we'd always see a movie @ "THE FOX"!
Benedetti & Svoboda background music.
where was the bull pen?
Kirk Conway
mannn you got tha right
down there on the corner of the end of building's by the RR track's,
it was always a nice looking place.
at least the pickwick hotel is still there thank God for that one,,, they redid the entryway but too aall the detail stuff out of it and now it looks like a plain ol sally rand hotel that could be anything instead of the classy place it was yrs ago.
go to the st francis hotel orchestra youll see what im talking about
total class yrs ago.
nice thanks
Kirk Conway
darn develepers are ruining downtown and surrounding areas
building silly loolking trendy condo's and taking too much space for needless building's that dont need to be there,
dumb looking stainless and glass condo's dont need to be there.and ripping people off on high rent.
san diego is ruining itself
Nice video! I actually learned a few things. I lived at the El Cortez in 2006...I didn't find it THAT "luxurious" as far as a place to live, but the lobby and reception areas were pretty elegant/modern looking.
I was instumental in helping downtown San Diego clean up down town San Diego in the early to mid 80's. THe company I worked for bought several locations downtown and turned them over to the city. I'd like to see the city STAY in the "Gas Lamp" mode and all history with it. There are SEVERAL buildings downtown that have the old metal ceilings coverd up by drywall and drop ceilings. It would be nice to renew them. Many are right on 5th where my office was...still is but hidden!
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San Diego's Best Surfing | Early History Of Downtown San Diego 2 days ago   01:44

Less than 3 months into 2016 and San Diego has already been hammered with surf. Southern California has had no shortage of swells this El Nino season with multiple double overhead XL days this year already. Spots featured include Blacks Beach, Cardiff Reef, Swamis, and several other breaks I'll leave unnamed. If your a surfer in San Diego, chances are you've scored some of your best ever surfing and waves recently.

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