Formula for making "Scenic Glue"- COMO FAZER MAQUETE - CACHOEIRA 7 months ago   03:14

Luke Towan
In this quick tutorial I’ll show you my tried and tested method of making your own scenic glue. I’ve been using this method of making glue for a very long time and I’ve found that it gives me the best results when compared to other homemade scenic glue.

All of my previous scenery dioramas and model railroad videos use this method for glue application. It’s strong and durable and most of all easy to make and cheap compared to other glues.

You can also apply the same ratios used in the video to almost all the other types of glue to make scenic glue, prior to using Mod Podge I used PVA glue and Matte Medium. For fixing model train and scenery for dioramas this glue is my number one pick.

For more information be sure to check out where I post much more news and information. I’m also setting up a Patreon page where viewers can donate to my channel and help me produce these videos, I will continue to make these free tutorials but for those who help me out by donating I will have a few little extras for you to check out via my website. Check out my website for more info on my Patreon page.

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X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
You sound like herpaderp
Ahmed Salem
Can i use heat gun to bend foam after glueing two parts together?
Watching a different video of yours and thinking "scenic glue?" a quick Google brings me here because of course :p
Igor OG
It's realy scince content. It's awesome!
Rick Collins
Curious, what size of static grass do you typically use on your builds? I've recently attempted to do some static grass using Woodland Scenics Medium Green and realized afterwards that it's listed as 1mm-3mm in size so on my test piece you have to look up very close to see that it's standing up. Also, using that size, can you build up layers?
oliever manjanssen
I am in Indonesia using Rajawali glue
Jason Shinn
What is the drying time for this particular ratio?
Free Wheels
Good news and bad news , good news: Luke posted

bad news : we got another month of wainting
Al Rozanski
Woops sorry, just saw my answer in the video.
Al Rozanski
Hi Luke, will this formula also be good to use with static grass? thanks
Ramkumar Chinnappa
I want make pva gel, could you please help for methodology
David Pacini
Hello! I have a question: in Italy it is very common to find "Vinavil", a white glue (Polyvinyl acetate) that has been patented by the company with the same name and it's especially meant for wood. Do you think it could be fine for dioramas?
Divya Panghal
Not good and like a fake glue
Giuse Munafò
irst parts from the wood then glue the polystyrene boards (expanded or extruded?).
Where to have done, what material / substances did you use to make flat terrain (like plains, mountains?)
Giuse Munafò
What spray did you use from 1:35 to 1:38?

From 1:39 to 1:46 what was the use?

From 2:00 to 2:05 do you buy? If yes, where? If it is not, what do you put in the spray? (what is needed)?
Dale Schultz
Thanks for all your videos!
Does your mododge mix allow itself to be sprayed on like scenic cement?
John Hill
Hi Luke, I used ModPodge Matt at 1:1 to fix my track in place, track comes up with a bit of a twist of a putty knife.
Shelley von letkemann
These videos are the most well put together easy to understand an excellent subject matter. There fill proof. I'd like to thank you very much Luke towan for your excellent assistance Enrich And our enjoyment of ourModel building experience. You're a godsend.
Hi Luke

I have seen other videos that combine the alcohol and glue together. You can then just apply that glue and not need to prespray your scenery with alcohol. What are your thoughts on this method?
Bio Tech
Yup Im addicted! I sent you an e-mail FYI
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COMO FAZER MAQUETE - CACHOEIRA Formula for making "Scenic Glue"- 7 months ago   07:54

Aprenda a fazer a vegetação aqui:
a partir 2:33m
- A cardboard box for the base.
- White glue and newspaper
- Translucent silicone adhesive
- Hot glue (translucent colorless)
- Vegetation (link in presentation)
- Little stones
- PVA Craft Ink
- Colorless Stained Glass for Crafts

- Uma caixa de papelão para a base.
- Cola branca e jornal
- Adesivo de silicone translúcido
- Cola quente (translúcida incolor)
- Vegetação (link na apresentação)
- Pedrinhas
- Tinta para artesanato PVA
- Verniz Vitral incolor para artesanato