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Chiraq Legendz

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Chiraq Legendz
dislike this video
Nikolay Avetisyan
sex, gun, drugs, alcohol, animal instincts, nasty meaningless words.......
Harry Austin
Travis is #1
Thrash Can
Ski won
Dwayne Patterson Jr
Ok I did dat
kyimani johnson
nba youngboy
Kanye West #Kanye2020 #YouAintGotTheAnswers
Joyner Lucas- Im Not Rvcist
Hayden Lehman
Travis Scott’s music videos are amazing all of them
Thanks for travis!
Alex Chasen
Story of o.j.?
Mr. StealyoClutch
gooosebumps and butterfly effect by travis were amazing videos and babywipe by ski mask the slump god
Neymar Jordan
What's the into song
Beamy Beams
its evyrday browh
A Trax
Where The Fuck Run The Jewels Legend Has It?
Humble and who dat boy is overrated af
AdiSk TheYoutuber
"Alexander im the queen" what? 😐 would make sense of he said king
Awesome Llama
Soulja boy
Jeremiah Lord
Ether Kodak or Kendrick won
Douglas Haywoode
Why can't we watch
cash me outside ( ski mask the slum god )
on a phone I've looked for it on youtube and Google no luck 😒 anyonee got any links or anything 😤😟

in my opinion Peek - a boo ( lil yachty ) was better than I -spy (lil yachty kyle ) And hot like a balloon ( famous dex ) was good too - my opinion -
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Top 100 Rap Songs Of 2017 (YOUR CHOICE) Best Rap Music Videos Of 2017 5 months ago   23:42

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Best Rap Songs Of 2017

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Top 100 Rap Songs 2017
Top 100 Best Rap Songs 2017
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