The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off Tariff Man May Have Spoken Too Soon 7 days ago   05:33

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Jay Steg
Wonder when Adam is going to ruin the IRS
Purchased a memory foam mattress from a foam place in my state. Spent around 300 on it a few years ago for a queen. Feels just as nice as the day I got it. Although, my time in the Military has made me able to sleep just about anywhere, so take my experience with a grain of salt.
Madwolf 096
I thought the suit guy was the guy from that movie where the guy says no one is chasing you at the end scrne(forgot the name)
James O'Phelan
Umm, I bought a Casper right when they came out. A full size for $650 shipped. They gave a 100 night test out, I slept like a baby on it and never went back. My brothers both spent thousands and my casper is better. Sometimes Adam is wrong.
Charles Canlom
Damit Adam Conover. 2 Of My Favorite Youtubers Partner Casper. They Have Discounts
Hakuna Matata
A nightmare? What a dumb _blanket_ statement. My $130 queen from Amazon is amazing.
creation life
This guy makes his channel on ruining stuff isn't that slandering?? It's that breaking the law. He thinks by talking trash about the industry he's not going to get sued??
I like anti scam Adam better than political adam
Was that a " the Haunting of hill house" reference at the very end?
Have had my bed and mattress for 14 years. Still as soft as when it was new. Go for quality or go to the store again and again.
Addertje onder het gras
A matress is a matress and the majority of people don't even give a shit about this whole thing
Cory Washburn
I fucking love the ending to this.
john Oliver
Pretty much. I work at a furniture store that sells mattresses and they are all very similar. Just buy what's cheapest and most comfortable. Mattress margins are insane too.
Monopolies are caused by government regulation. The companies themselves only gain monopoly control by benefiting from government regulation through lobbying.
Stevie Rebel
The title of this though 😂👌
Bradley Cloward
So... what does that make purple then?
Half Star Films
Tech companies and media companies are no better.
Gabe Mota
Haunting on Hill House who?
Bill Kong
Honestly, people who buy into this shit deserve to get conned.
Abby Schneider
god that comment about weird ass true crime podcast ppl i love!!!
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Tariff Man May Have Spoken Too Soon The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off 7 days ago   08:08

The President announced a trade deal with China that hasn't yet been signed, sealed, delivered, or described in any detail whatsoever.

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