The Nutty Buddy Tag Team OfferUp buyer tries to scam 6 months ago   03:28

Gas Station Encounters
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I kinda feel bad for these two. They look like homeless heroin addicts.
that was filmed near my home lol
They be stealing shit that cost like 50cents like what’s the point
Nick N
That guy had a nice set of tooth
Tri County Trash
I've been watching these video s for like thirty mins on a school night. It's 1:00am. *I have a test tomorrow*
The title of the video should have been the butt Buddy tag team.
ClaireInMyCheerios :3
He kinda sounds like uncle grandpa LOL
CVG unity
Why do u think there going to turn themselves in
Mike McNiel
Tweakers... Tweakers everywhere
Adam Vasquez
Man why they get the zebra cake involved
Some cringe Youtuber with content
He sounds like pequinz0 in the beginning
chris biederman
Why do they call u names let me call them that dumb ass
Poor guy 😕
Nybball17 17
He should just eat the meth instead of injecting it if he’s hungry
ethan davila
Sometimes you need to do some criminal justice
Dark Knight
LOL I was in rehab with grey hoodie guy in November
Alex M
Ok now what you DO NOT DO,is talk to the thieves like that,thats just fueling escalation,just ask nicely once then if they dont comply thats when you go badass.but at first just approach them nicely and calmly
Derek Staten
Good selection of snacks
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OfferUp buyer tries to scam The Nutty Buddy Tag Team 6 months ago   19:05

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I went out to make a sell 30 minutes away from home, and while i waited for the late meeting, i ran into problems with others while waiting to make a sell. The buyer tried to escape after giving me fake money, and i ran after him as soon as i felt the money, and he rode off on his bike as fast as possible. i chase him down with my car, and this ks how it all went....

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