The Nutty Buddy Tag Team OfferUp buyer tries to scam 2 weeks ago   03:28

Gas Station Encounters
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Hayden Williams
Does a bother anyone else when they let them get away
Titia And wally
Dude GOT ONLY 1 teeth 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yo what in the fuckkkk lmaooooo
Choosey Lover
"you can just put whatever you want in there, and cashier's never gonna know" LMAO 😂 😂
Granny Bear
3:14 Mother of god
ernesto velazquez
Min 2:40 bugs bunny human version 😂😂😂😂
Alexander Phan
He naughty for christmas
Sasuke Uchiha
he was like "wow I'm a genius"😂
So one Nutty Buddy is 1.29
How are all of them boys?
Chris A
Whats up everybody its Cr1tikal
Lily Clem
Should have been called the “Turd Bag Team”
Otilia Orozco
Who else heard that voice that said she gown at 2:14
Catlin Whiteside
Narrator.....Patrick StarFish w/ an IQ! 😂
Chris Dubay
The she gone thing has got to go
xXSunsetBlissxX ,
The people who dislike are theifs
Tonya Heffner
love your voice
Nebulous FTW
I’m surprised people don’t go in there purposely stealing to get on YouTube
Высший самородок
what was that higher pitched voice in 2:11 and what did it say
Messyourself brought me here
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OfferUp buyer tries to scam The Nutty Buddy Tag Team 2 weeks ago   19:05

This is the reason why I always drive with a dash cam! Get the protection you need with this Dash Cam

I went out to make a sell 30 minutes away from home, and while i waited for the late meeting, i ran into problems with others while waiting to make a sell. The buyer tried to escape after giving me fake money, and i ran after him as soon as i felt the money, and he rode off on his bike as fast as possible. i chase him down with my car, and this ks how it all went....

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