David Icke - Live Q&A (April Greenland Melting (360°) | FRONTLINE 2 days ago   1:06:48

David Icke
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Jen Wren
The world needs renegades 🎉
Tara king
ditch your Tv licence, did that 9 years ago never looked back i get no problem or even any threatograms. Tv licence resistance forums. Dont miss TV at all. Plenty of good books and other media like David's channels to watch.
Tara king
Brilliant David. thanks for your time. Could we have more Q & A's like this please. cheers.
Vicci Williams
I have watched every talk (you have given) that I get could get my hands on!
Roy Stevens
Force Ghost
When you watch the Martix now it seems so real, yet so terrifying. I don't want to live in that kind of world so let's unite and fight!
The J C Quartet
Tony Powell





Patrícia Loureiro Loureiro dos Santos
The end is near
Saifullah Khan
When you know the agenda random events don't seem random anymore coz you know the roots to which they lead to!
Saifullah Khan
We need more nutters like David Icke
Yvonne Hyatt
No !it was the the Entities , The World is controlled🌎
Yvonne Hyatt
Climate change - Man - messing with the dirt, water , air- putting stuff out there 🔎🌎🔊
Nicole Monroe
Statues that represent oppression or mass murderers should be in a museum if preservation is the motive. Taxpayers who were impacted by whatever the statue represents shouldn't have to see it celebrated in a public setting.
Luigi Junior Iacuzio
David i want to share a thought with you,hope you see this comment. 1 Year ago,after a long diet,i went to an ayahuasca retreat in the netherlands to obtain higher knowledge...Mother Ayahuasca did show me the nature of the Universe : "Electro/Biological",the whole Universe is an enormous computer. I am also costantly prone to visions e and i saw the Creation of the Robot,the Androginus Man and the Fusion between them creating so an higher perfect Divine Being. After so i started new studies in political economics and i noticed that the whole economic history of the Mankind led to the creation of the A.I. and the Robots/Computers. Is it really possible that whe are going toward the creation of a Computerized Universe and the Creation of a Man-God Robo/Androginus?? Even the Whole Military history led to the advancement in technology(especially Ww2),the creation of robotic arms to replace amputated soldiers limbs,the rise of pornography and the conseguent disinterestedness in sex with real partners and the creation of robotic partners(sex dols),the microchip,the A.I. implanted in our brains...EVERYTHING brought me to this conclusion. David,do you think is going to be a Man-God or a Devil-God this new race?
Vanezs Wilmer
Let's stop the chemtrails and harpp and than I'll listen to anything about climate change. Weather is a weapon that all the govt have been playing with. They have big weather Harpp places all around the world they can even change water tides. All the govts around our world is so damn evil !!
MyyOwwnEmmpire 2020
This man is 2019's "Albert Einstein" Thank you so much Mr David Icke 😊👌😊
Lee oSeven
Has anyone else got really bad background noise on this video like radio interference?
Patricia Actis
Call me old fashioned but Icke always makes sense to me.🌻🌻
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Greenland Melting (360°) | FRONTLINE David Icke - Live Q&A (April 2 days ago   12:17

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