David Icke - Live Q&A (April SEXUALITY, GENDER & LABELLING - David 1 day ago   1:06:48

David Icke
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Lee oSeven
Has anyone else got really bad background noise on this video like radio interference?
Patricia Actis
Call me old fashioned but Icke always makes sense to me.🌻🌻
Stefan Dusan
Playback at 1.5x
Alberto Sbicca
I would like to have a private conversation with David if that can be arranged ?
Mario Cernuda
Idgaf i believe Mr.Icke!!
Don Parkison
sounds alot like the agenda that Hitler was trying to accomplish.Is he still calling the shots?????????? I was told gereald Ford used to visit a man every year in north Idaho that had a remarkable resemblance to Hitler. I personally met the man back in 1999.???????????????
Roy&Brittany Ayers
It blows my mind alit you people believe in lizard people but laugh at somebody when they bring up flat earth
Hans Meiser
I think you are not seeing that the target is and always was Christianity. Jesus is as true as he can be and the gool is to flipp every god given rule.
WHAT ON MARS?! {Mars civilization visual evidence}
Regarding Notre-Dame, a pragmatic explanation : the whole wood-frame of the roof has been crumbling and needed to be rebuilt for a looong time. The Church has begged our government for years to help funding this financially monstrous work. Request always denied. Now, what happens finally? The frame-work burns, but that's only the part that required to be replaced anyway, when thank God the precious sculptures had just been removed and brought to safety, AND when a convenient scaffold surrounds the burning part helping (what a chance!) damage control. Then... next chapter of the plot: Instead of financing the repair, the government asks for every french's financial solidarity through an emotional comedy sprayed everywhere by the media, meaning every citizen must pay from his pocket the rebuilding ; and at the same the government offers to the richest incredible financial advantages if they put money in it, making them big fortunes win more money that they'll spend in this investment through a special taxes reduction scheme. Do you get the picture ? A real framed one...
A lot of what David says I get and I adore him, but on the point of statues though, you said it yourself David, they dont really exist. Why not archive these statues/historical buildings by taking pictures, storing the information and making room for something else....perhaps parks or whatever the majority conscious consensus agrees on that would benefit all life. After studying and learning about the materials/methods used to make certain structures/ paintings etc.....why not store it as opposed to having a physical representation of it. This could only work if we could recreate it with our technology or skillsets of today. We shouldn't destroy anything that is far more advanced and not understood because of our lack of knowledge. Are we not here to learn and grow? Do we need to physically manifest or have a tangible representation of everything already understood (For history is not an answer). We should ask ourselves what are the methods by which history can be preserved and which ones should we use.
tom Shannon
I see Islam making serious efforts to establish sharia ah law in Europe. I see them as a wolf in sheep’s clothing and we need address this surreptitious takeover. We are be distracted by so my things to take our eye off the the priority.
tom Shannon
The meek shall inherit the earth 🌎
Simon price
So come on David.... what can the little man do...
james smith
As we say in Scotland, gaunyerselson. Nice one Big "D". Totally proud of you.....
Randy Cable
Al Gore, Senator from the Sate of Tennessee of the U.S.A. was sued by the scientists he referenced within his book, An Inconvenient Truth, for he never approached those scientists, never entered into contract with them. He used their names and reputations without their consent. However, I do not know the outcome of the lawsuit.
Also to introduce new taxes, CO2 taxes. Which mother earth creates naturally, can be absorbed naturally. Planting trees hasn't been considered, has it? Cause I don't see government running out to plant trees and given the urgency they keep telling us about. Classic example of brain washing, 60 minutes in Sydney Australia last night had a story about climate change, they went on location to an island cay, that by its creation is a temporary formation of sand that gets washed away by the current, the same current that created it. An absolute beat up. Disgusting media. I was disappointed that the Australian government denied David a visa to enter the country. Wow, what a threat. Freedom is being attacked by stealth. They want to control the internet too. Deciding what is being uploaded.
Christopher Menard
Here is real proof David Icke is correct. Royals are child molesters, killers.
David, I like your videos a lot. However your latest home video made me feel talked down to, not because of the content , but the angle of the camera.
I love/hate your message. I've been watching you ever since the "WOGAN" interview. I like that the message is being heard more often and that people are actually acting on the message. Congratulations to the Australian government for making the message, WORLDWIDE.
J Luforge
Hi David great presentation...when are you touring Australia again..??
At This Moment At This Moment
I would LOVE to know what percentage of those here, who think this guy makes perfect sense, smoke dope or regularly take other drugs...

Having tried the weed many years ago, I'm well aware it instantly makes your paranoia level go thru the roof and on up thru the stratosphere... everything's a conspiracy and it all starts to make sense...you can see how all the dots join up...

God help us, because it's now legal in a growing number of states in the USA and when a big number of politicians are smoking the weed or similar daily, that's when the lunatics will be running the asylum and we will genuinely be in big, BIG trouble...can you imagine Trump or any American president sitting round the negotiating table with the likes of Kim or Vladimir or the Chinese top man and being stoned or recently had a blow...with the legalisation of weed, this scenario will absolutely definitely happen at some point in the not too distant future with an American president...
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SEXUALITY, GENDER & LABELLING - David David Icke - Live Q&A (April 1 day ago   07:44

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