Trump touts economic growth Inside Trump’s $100 Million 2 months ago   05:10

CBS News
President Trump is touting a strong economy after second-quarter gross domestic product numbers were released, but will Republicans be able to keep the economy front and center heading into the midterms? USA Today Congressional Reporter Eliza Collins joins CBSN with more.

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Trump is poised to ruin Obama's economy and drive this country into the toilet for Putin's sake.
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Fake Economy. Trillion Dollar Federal Deficit!
Mister Grizz
as long as almost all of trumps money comes from russian interests i would keep a close eye on traitor trump putin is no man to befriend
Total T
Thanks goes to our last actual President, President Obama.
kim ofallmedia
Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Stable genius.
Trump is a growth.
John Fradono
Of course the idiot brags about fixing the problems he created... he's kind of like an ill-tempered child that breaks a vase, cleans it up and expects you to pat him on the back..
H Pn
Amazing! Y'all should interview the people getting their loved ones back from the Korean war!!
Kudos for Trump in representing US!
John McCall
Trump is by far the greatest president this country has had in decades
James Taylor
We all know if the economy had bad growth he would have blame Obama for it! But anything that goes good he will take all credit for it lmao
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Inside Trump’s $100 Million Trump touts economic growth 2 months ago   19:59

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