The Life Coach School Podcast Ep #215: Questions and Answers 2 months ago   32:16

Brooke Castillo
A year ago, I took an amazing class called “9o-Day Year” from a coach Todd Herman. As a coach, what Todd does is he comes in and subtracts things from our lives in order to help reduce overwhelm that many people experience on regular basis. One of the main concepts taught in the class was the idea of constraint or, in other words, a limitation or restriction put on yourself that simplifies your life.

Joins us as I explain why it’s so important for us to put constraints on most aspects of our lives and the incredible changes you can experience as a result. Listen in to discover how limiting your options can help positively impact your life, improve your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself.

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Ep #215: Questions and Answers The Life Coach School Podcast 2 months ago   33:21

This week, I’m super excited to do something fun that we haven’t done on The Life Coach School Podcast in a while. Join me as I read some of the responses from our listeners and answer some of the questions that you guys have sent in.

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