A band of Broncos hidden in the Alaskan Cummins Jeep RUNS! In the shop 5 months ago   21:27

Tom wrangles a herd of first-gen Ford Broncos outside a remote town in Alaska. As Tim, the owner of the vehicles, shows Tom around, it’s apparent that his love of classic SUVs doesn’t start and end with Ford’s iconic two-door 4x4.

Story and photos here: https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/01/09/barn-find-hunter-alaskan-ford-bronco-guru

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Read more about this find: https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/01/09/barn-find-hunter-alaskan-ford-bronco-guru
Best 30 minutes on YouTube!! Keep 'em coming and how about a Tom Cotton episode where we get to see and hear about his cars??
06 CVPI slick top
The smirk on the guys face when he was driving the mustang,priceless
Racer 67
I would of been more interested in the extended cab 4 door ford trucks behind that 72 bronco!
dan and jenn forever
I own a 1978 ford bronco xlt ranger my uncle owns a 69 bronco I also own a 1977 ford f 150 custom and a 1955 Chevy Belair my other uncle owns a 1972 ford f100 I own a 1972 ford f250 camper special
David Tennyson
Great vid. I owned a 69 Bronco in 1984-86. Also had a 74 Land Crusier in the early 1990's. The 74 was the first year with a four speed and the last year with a tailgate rear door. 1975's had barn doors on them. Wish like hell I had kept them both.
David Barger
Here in Arizona I see these Broncos in peoples yards and carports all over town. I have a feeling that 10 years from now they will be tucked away in garages. Get one while you still can.
Mystery Meat
A lot of "so's" in this conversation! :)
Man, I love them old Bronco's, FJ40's and Scouts too. In 1975 I bought my first 4x4, a '63 Scout. Been looking for another but the prices are getting crazy on all three of these vehicles.
Deric Kettel
Yeah they are getting hard to find, especially when you have them spread out all over the place. I would have to get these all organized at the same location. This is kookie talk!
Gizmo's Adventures
just discovered this awesome channel....subbed
David Krebs
I wish the broncos in MS were so low rust, and available in fields!
Chris L
This guy should focus on restoring a couple instead of having a mass of them rotting away. Quality over quantity.
Neil Holschbach
Really enjoyed this guy!! He seemed like I would liked to have a beer with!
Scott Taylor
I'm glad your kid is interested. He needs to no this stuff. He's this gentlemen's future with all these old beasts.
Ben Kocinski
With the value of these first gen broncos increasing by a large margin, this dude is sitting on a gold mine... especially for the uncut EBs.
Jesus ™
Fre FS
Currently my favourite show on youtube.
The Savior
duel shock early bronco would be a 77 ranger off road
Thomas Maher
302 2-barrel is a pretty decent "quicker revving" alternative to the 4-barrel setup. You lose on the top-end but gain a slightly more responsive around town response.
Richard Graves
Love all your videos keep doing what you doing
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Cummins Jeep RUNS! In the shop A band of Broncos hidden in the Alaskan 5 months ago   25:52

Cummins swapped Wagoneer RUNS!!! WooHoo!!!! We found the STUPID reason the dang thing kept having air in the system and we finished up a few vital things, then HIT THE ROAD!!!!

SO GLAD to have this thing RUNNING again!!


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