Beginner Guide to the RSI Indicator Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading: MACD 1 day ago   09:06

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The Relative Strength Index is arguably the most popular technical indicator when it comes to trading. But being popular doesn’t always make you right or easy. David Jones knows this and is here to give a helping hand to those just starting their journey in the world of the markets, as well as those who’ve had a bit more experience.

He goes over the way it’s calculated, its parameters and default settings and goes on to show it in real examples. There you can see it at peak performance but more importantly - when a bit more attention or caution is necessary to use it properly.

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Mahdy Fo
bad writing
Thank you!
waddeglance Darin Wade
Excellent overview I learned fast on this one..RSI are great for determining how long a sell trend will last, thanks you for teaching RSI in a less complicated view, thank you the background charts are visible and always say what studies and indicators your using big thank you..
wapoeter yahoo
It's a good thing you can speak better than you can write
Createdby Sohail
Nice video and details presented , based on the RSI chart at what point is the opportunity of buying or selling .
rozanna lewis
thank you very informative does trading 212 offer lessons to trade
Devanei Zanardi
Thank you
Dr. Reena Bhatia
thank you!
very well explained
Do I use a 1 year chart when using the RSI to decide when to buy/sell ?
shreyank chhajer
Terry 01
Awesome video buddy! Very easy to understand even for a beginner! .👍
Gilbert Cockworthy
More screens you need more screens. More screens = more profit. You'll never profit either if you can't calculate rsi ............👀
Do these work with socks aswell?
I want to learn more about trading specially about RSI signal, please guide me.
But what if the stock is heavily overbought but on news? Doesn’t that just mean investors are now flicking into it because it’s sparked their interest therefore the RSI being somewhat meaningless in that circumstance?
Thank you ❤
andrew lee
"you have to be patient,(which is a problem for all of us)" true that.
David Morningstar
100/(1+RS) is correct
Vinod Gp
Good one, explained very well ...
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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading: MACD Beginner Guide to the RSI Indicator 1 day ago   21:54

I discuss two of the most popular and most used indicators by cryptocurrency and Bitcoin traders, the MACD and RSI. I go through what they are, how to add them to your charts, and show you a few examples of how they help traders find good entry points.

Keys to Remember:
1) Macro to Micro (start at long-term view (i.e. daily) and work your way down (i.e. 4 hour, 1 hour, etc.)
2) Do not place buy trades in overbought conditions and do not place sell orders in oversold conditions (you will lose most of the time)
3) Look for bullish and bearish crossovers on the MACD
4) Look for bullish and bearish divergences on both the MACD and RSI