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The trailer is here.

The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.

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if people would have known how terrible this season turned out to be the like / dislike Ratio would have been the other way around by now. i feel bad for all the people putting all that hard work into this terrible written season.
technically Buzz's
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Huseyin Akdag
Mal manyak yav
Jacob Devadas
Here after episode 5. Obviously, the plot is much worse than it could have been. But just enjoy the show and stop complaining. You'll have a much better time enjoying the show for what it is than complaining about the plot the entire time.
Joe Garcia
it was great tonight episode 6 ends it all
fucking epic the greatest show ever made
Maucham Talukdar
And today it's gonna end...End of an matter how bad this season is GoT will always be the best TV show ever.
Kshitiz Garv
Me: Remember the time when we thought this season is will be awesome?

King Robert: God those were the days!
amit jain
Cersai can be alive
As it is shown in this trailer
Charlie Smith
Who’s here trying to find any other details that might be in the final episode 😂
Elvis Van
_🌆6PM May 19 2019~_
Sam Baker
Why should we support HBO with our money when HBO does not care about us, if Dany is killed and the Dragon takes her body and leaves as some have mentioned, it will be the WORST ENDING in TV history and HBO will start to LOSE MONEY shortly after that, GOT fans will remember this betrayal for a very long time to come! And i'm going to be SAD, very SAD to have seen this GREAT TV show destroyed by bad writing, and Game of Thrones FANS will blame HBO and the writers for this.
Sam Baker
So if Dany gets killed by Jon or Arya, mainly because of bad writing, then what was the point of her whole character from Season 1, it really means NOTHING, right. The whole thing is just a waste of time and Game of Thrones fans will NEVER support HBO or any spin off's or buy any HBO DVD's again.
Sam Baker
Even that will not make any sense because it's not in Jon's nature to act like that, so they would have destroyed his character arc, if Arya kills Dany, that is just stupid writing, but it could happen, because this is war and the people of King's Landing cheered when Ned Stark was killed so why would Arya give a damn if they die? Besides you expect us to believe that Dany is so stupid where she does not have her guards protecting her?
Sam Baker
Now comes Episode 6, and if Dany gets killed by Jon or Arya which is what is likely to happen, that will be the worst ending in the history of TV, this is the only possible reason why they made a good Queen Dany go a little crazy in Episode 5, so they can set her up to be killed in Episode 6. This is just another forced killing which will make no sense, after all that she had to suffer to get where she is to kill her off like that just makes no sense and worse, what was the point of the previous 7 Seasons.
Sam Baker
Sam and Sr.Davos cannot fight and they managed to stay alive after the entire battle, plot amour is the only reason they are alive and when a show does not make sense, then fans get mad and that is only one instance, there are so many others, like how did they get 50% of all the troops back alive in Episode 4, when we all saw in Episode 3 that the living were almost wiped out including all the armies.
Sam Baker
Then we have very poor battle strategy, the writers decided lets just kill all the Dothraki (best fighters in he world) in like 1 minute, then lets have the UnSullied (Best fighters in the world), get killed in the following 2 minutes but then when the dead kills the best fighters in the world, some how we have Sam, Sr.Davos, Jamie and other characters still alive when they were surrounded by the dead, if the Dothraki and UnSullied can't stop the dead and get wiped out, explain to me how Sam, Sr.Davos, Jamie managed to stay alive? Bad writing......because it does not make sense!
Sam Baker
The whole Night King build up was massive and to have Arya fly miles ad miles and miles in the air to reach him over all the dead was the a terrible way to end that Night King story line. I mean in the first major battle and in one episode the Night King came and died, what kind of story is that......seriously?
Sam Baker
I honestly wish HBO had either sold Game of Thrones after Season 6 to another network or they should have hired a whole new set of good writers to take this show to Season 15, but now Game of Thrones is going to go down as the biggest disappointment mainly because of Season 7 and Season 8, up to Season 6 it was great!
Sam Baker
No one can defend the bad writing, i'm really not sure what the writers were even thinking, maybe they should have got a second or third opinion but to make this great show end this way is very disappointing, i mean that whole coffee cup thing in Episode 4, just shows you how bad the show has become, HBO should have had its own people read the script before approving it, because if they did this Season 8 would not be this bad. I'm just SAD!
Sam Baker
I really HATE to say it because i love Game of Thrones but after investing 9 years into this show, to be let down with a bad Season 7 and a very very very very very BAD Season 8, is just SAD and depressing! You cannot destroy characters that were built over the previous 7 seasons in one episode and that is why fans all over the world are so mad.
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