Judge Napolitano Says He's Mountain Man Takes On Building Codes 1 day ago   02:54

Feb. 28th

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big money wants his land so.........he will lose it. it is awful but true . hope america wakes up.
Alan Spring
Wow a judge with common sense and integrity
Dean Guando
Quit interrupting
M.D. Suave
This video and news is too old. An exemption to building-code requirements for primitive structures was proposed. Both the state's House and Senate voted unanimously to pass H774. The bill was signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory on June 12, 2013
Linda Stewart
I use to think we lived in a free country but not anymore it seems like you can't go to the bathroom without someone wanting to how or color or smell it's truly just da- right down sick I thought when you bought land you had the right to do with what you want but no you can't do that their wanting that land for a reason and will get it or anything else they want no matter how they get it
kman 4443
He won his case I believe.
Gary Tidd
leave him alone
Bitch! Yeah... he uses water out of the stream! Better than fluoridated crap!
Carlos Tavares
No you dont have to! You are doing what you are told because you choose to allow them to commit the crime against you. Building permit is not even close to being legal you just say they are legal. And they grow like the crime scum.
angers karin
This man should move to canada where no one can find you in the wood.
Mike DeBell
Nobody's exempt under socialism/communism. All the people will comply. Cudos to the good justice Napolitano.
cynthia moran
There is a youtube video out there with a state inspector on camera saying that Conway's buildings are safer than modern ones. He even goes into detail with numbers how much safer. If they get away with shutting him down it will be a travisty.
man king
Kellys face is like a china dolls face .with mechanical mouth.whats she gonna look like in twenny
juan p. Hernandez
is it still call the united states?? i dont think so....this place is gone....people should fight for what they believe is right....before it is too late....STAND UP PEOPLE!!!!
This is all about The Rothschild Zionist Bankers and their Bilderberg Agenda 21 to run people off of all the land and into high rise cities with 40 ft fences to keep you in where they can control the shit out of you till you die a SLAVE...Fuck the NWO ...and all the psychopaths who wrote Agenda 21...EDUCATE YOURSELF.
Last Manstanding
AGENDA 21 in action  educate yourself.
Foothills Readiness
Watauga County NC Gestapo!!!!
devin Mullins
so what if he has four wheelers and a log spilter makes it easier to get wood cut for the winter they dose'nt mean the government should have the right too tell you how too live or what you can and can't have its a fact they want his land and will do everything in there power to take it.
charles fournier
It has already been found that the head of the county planning office has talked to more than 5 people about what he could do with the land after he takes it away from eustace
This whole thing is disgusting....
We have been living life in this way for centuries and we should be allowed to continue to apply these skills onn our own properties.
Youre damned right...get out of my business!
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Mountain Man Takes On Building Codes Judge Napolitano Says He's 1 day ago   02:42

Eustace Conway has been living in the wilderness for 30 years, growing food and making shelter according to the laws of nature. But lately, he has gotten crosswise with the laws of man. WSJ's Valerie Bauerlein reports from Turtle Island Preserve.

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