Watch the Pope walk in the penitential Liam Fox: I fear Brexit 2 days ago   36:22

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RR Extra
The PP walk.
Carlos M.Aliaga
Pope Francis.. 👍😊⛪⛪⛪⛪....We hope he would make the difference!
uwe in Hamburg
Why is he not in prison? Why is he still allowed to move free in public?
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Liam Fox: I fear Brexit Watch the Pope walk in the penitential 2 days ago   03:29

International trade secretary Liam Fox has voiced fears that Remain supporters in parliament will seek to overturn the referendum result over the next week.
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He warned that a large number of MPs want to keep the UK "locked in the EU".

In an interview with BBC Newsnight’s Nick Watt, the international trade secretary called for an end to "self-induced pessimism" which is denying the opportunities offered by Brexit.

Dr Fox also called on the EU to show greater flexibility in the negotiations as he called on Brussels to move away from defending "the purity of the European project".

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