California Pacific Coast Highway Driving Big Sur - (California Pacific Coast 2 days ago   36:54

Hoosier Tim's Travel Videos
Recorded July 31, 2014

I drive up the California Pacific Coast Highway.


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John Leach
Thank you for a lovely tour of CalTrans' bad boy. From Big Sur north to the Oregon border, scarcely a month has gone by without a landslide washing out a portion of Hwy 1.
Nicola Errichiello
is it possible for you to drive from Monterey to L.A. in one day?
Marie Constant
Correction in Losier but Hoosier...Haitian name.....
Irene Valencia
Thanks for the vid but which areas got the BIKINIS during the US1? Huntington Beach I love the BIKINIS. Might take a drive from San Diego all the way up Oregon.
Sunflower Roark
This is amazing. Thank you.
James Hagerty
If you have ever toured Hearst Castle you would know the meaning of the word "dank"!
Bats Records
Great vid. Thumbs up
Silvia Pelin
Suuuuper super.THANKS nice
Tom Ko
Much better if there is names of those stops and cities.
if I can talk to God, please send me there and to live there no matter how hard to work there as long as clean environment and good people are in concern
Sarah Jackson
is this the way to Chante's Home?
Ben Foshager
Weird, what are those seals doing? Or are they not seals?
Céhad Dunebuggy
Great video! What type of camera did you use to record this?
Ambassador of Corruption
what are gay
Lady Of The Light
i really like this video .I love the California Coast anyway & You drove a decent speed so i could see what we were passing & no loud rude annoying so called music blasting as in many other driving videos ...It was very peaceful & the sound of the ocean breeze coming through the open windows was calming , I like the stops you made along the way & from what i am seeing & hearing , this being observed by someone who gets nervous & rightly so, being around or in a car driven by an impatient irresponsible wound up speed racer ~ tailgating driver ~ I would gladly take a road trip with someone as mellow as you :)
Jessica Fischer
I love you brah what a great channel this is.
Beata Kowalski
very good.
thank you.
You have to search really hard all over the world to find such an ugly coastline! If I were asked in a quiz I would answer that it was Saudi Arabia coastline in the Red Sea!
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Driving Big Sur - (California Pacific Coast California Pacific Coast Highway 2 days ago   35:32

A 71 mile drive on "Big Sur," or "Big South." Big Sur is a southern stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway in Central California, known for its world-famous views. The Pacific Coast Highway spans the entire Pacific coast of the United States, and into Baja, Mexico. It starts, or ends, near the border of Canada, in Washington state. The drive was on the late afternoon/evening of December 30, 2013 from about 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Points of Interest:

2:10 - Rocky Creek Bridge
2:30 - Bixby Bridge
6:00 - Leaving the coast/entering the woods and Big Sur Park/campgrounds
8:50 - Entrance to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
10:35 - Getting back to the coast
15:00 - Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park/McWay Falls access
20:00 - Sunset begins and creates dramatic colors
22:10 - Limekiln State Park/campgrounds
25:26 - Jade Cove

Fun Facts:

13:55 - Car pulls out in front of us and almost causes a collision
17:10 - Structural fire that eventually turned into a "mushroom cloud"
17:38 - Stopping to look at whales after spotting them on the road
21:50 - Recently finished bridge that is incomplete on Google Maps/streetview

All music used with permission by Midera -
Songs in order:

-It's Just a Smile
-In This Bitter Spring
-The Approaching Storm
-Winter Mourning