Trying To Get My Chihuahua To Sit For 20 Minutes ᴴᴰ мистер бин мультфильм 4 months ago   22:04

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km 0908
And now, for the ULTIMATE TEST! Making him lay down on a hard surface 😂
LUV U BOBBY!! 💙💙💙💙
Awkward_lil_ potter head
5:10 marbles: I’m having me time, get out.
David D.S
Kermit: 👽
jenna: hes just such a wonderful, lovely dog,,
cermet: why yez i no i amz i haz a spreechz to pleformz
Cassie Adams
I was cheering for him everytime he almost sit
Madison N
julien: “sit the fuck down”

marbles: *yes master*
Literally the most alive he has ever been
Loops oOoOo
Jenna: I don't know who this video is for-

Jenna Marbles Fans: 🆒
Kiya Williams
Marble stands for you
Angst Kunst
6:52 never fails to make me CRY
Mark Boron

I want a Mahhhbullll
Melissa Lindsey
Someone please send this to Ceasar Milan or Victoria Stilwell. Really any dog trainer would do. Just get Marble some help...please 🙏
Victoria W
An alternate title, ‘I can make you laugh cry for 20 mins’
This is art
7:43 7:45
Leala Montgomery

Marble: d dad help I Dunno what lady whants 👁👅👁
Nicole Hilden
Jenna, one single tip to help with training!

I’m graduating ABA psychology in January (aba stands for applied behavior analysis) and we learned a technique called shaping (which you may know as classical conditioning) but it’s a little more broken up than that. Shaping is when you have one goal in mind: in this instance getting marbles to sit on hardwood floor. You would reward any behavior that leads to the action of sitting. So first you would reward him reacting to your voice. Reward that behavior multiple times till he learns that listening will follow with a treat. Next you reward another behavior (like when he almost sat) every time he almost sat you would give him a treat. Until he made the connection between almost sitting and getting a treat. And so on a so forth. Next would be sitting for a second, after would be sitting for 15, a minute, and in general. Then when he learns it completely you would start extinction of the rewards.
It’s how I trained my 6 month old puppy sit and stay
Taco Kitty
My dog handa was like this she would learn a trick then the next day forget it edit she was Italian gray hound x min pin
Sadie Bonczek
it’s like teaching a bag of dust to sit... oh wait
Verena Mi
Honestly she talks way too much with him. She needs to give him a loud and clear "sit" when she pushes his bum on the ground.. he doesn't understand anything bc she just talks so much, dogs are no humans. The more you talk the less they understand.
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ᴴᴰ мистер бин мультфильм Trying To Get My Chihuahua To Sit For 20 Minutes 4 months ago   44:17

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