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Hassan Alam - Park View

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ziad mohamed
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Sodic Eastown Cairo 16291 Hassan Allam - Park View 5 months ago   04:54

Eastown New Cairo City 16291

Eastown will become east Cairo's premier urban city center. Eastown is strategically situated on road 90, immediately adjacent to the American University in Cairo's new campus, a short drive from Cairo international Airport and in the midst of the flourishing communities of New Cairo and Kattameya.

Built on 860,000 square meters of land, twice the size of london's Canary Wharf, Eastown will provide approximately one million square meters of premium residential, retail and office space while offering the best in shopping, entertainment and sustainable living.

Here, over 25,000 residents, retail staff and office employees can enjoy a vibrant environment where buildings are integrated into the landscape, where traffic is kept to a minimum and the air is cleaner.

As well as its own business shopping and entertainment districts, Eastown will include several hotels and serviced apartments, providing a total of 800 rooms with health clubs, spas and conference facilities.

The mix of uses and services, the range of residential options, and the ability to walk and cycle as part of daily life all make for a more sustainable, greener living. Throughout history human settlements have tended to evolve as mixed-use environments. Walking was always the primary means of transportation. People lived and worked in the same areas. These principles have been adapted to Eastown. Residents will have the benefit of being able to walk short distances to do their shopping, go to work or watch a movie. Instead of being segregated, neighborhoods will combine all aspects of life.

The development of Eastown involved extensive research by urban planners, architects and landscapers. By translating these findings into the design of Eastown, we are creating a community that integrates life, work and recreation.