I Think I'm an Animal (Species Dysphoria Freaky Eaters | Cola Addict 5 months ago   43:12

Only Human
This 2013 documentary follows the lives of a group of people who believe they were born as the wrong species. Ranging from wolves, to leopards, to raccoons, these people wish to carry out their lives connecting with their other wild side. While some have found acceptance and community, many face rejection from a world that believes them to be crazy or asking for attention.

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L a u r e n -
15:21 - *animal I have become begins to play* 😂😂😂
sickk kunt
It should be legal to beat your children if they do this.
Toxic maniax
This is why aliens don’t visit earth
Starr Vischacha
Still wanna give Matthew / Shiro a hug. Dude's harmless and minding his own business. I'd fight for the guy.
zayden n
Me after watching The Vampire Diaries 🤡
I found it. I fucking found it. "On all levels except physical, I am a wolf. Ruff."
the thing that sucks is that Caleb is kinda cute wtf
Nick M
5:40 - I blame that mother for encouraging this madness!
The daily Rant
If their animals. Why are they wearing clothes?
Vinyl Natasha
Do they shove cans of febreze up their asses like my furry cousin does?
m e l l o w.
*“he is not your usual teenager”* no dip sherlock. *He’s what we call a furry*
No, you r definitely not a wolf ._. Face the facts and go to a mental hospital
Kenny Preza
These kids need a good ass whoopin
Tyler H
your not half animal your half stupid
The Royal Mermaid
Jacksfilms needs to see this
trippy lui
Me at 3am 10:09
Debbie Athy
Ok that’s a new one a orange and white German shepherd I’m
Pretty sure they are not colored German shepherd that color I know my dog breeds and I’m not bashing these people but that’s the color of those dogs maybe he is thinking a mythical German shepherd instead
That's what you become when you spend too much time on Tumblr x)

Also I identify as a sloth don't @ me
The Looney Rens
This is a mental illness
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Freaky Eaters | Cola Addict I Think I'm an Animal (Species Dysphoria 5 months ago   21:22

A girl needs thirty cans of cola to get through each day. Season 1 Episode 2

Imagine only eating cheeseburgers or pizzas at every meal? What if your diet was made up of raw meat and it was going to kill you? Based on the hit BBC format our experts, psychotherapist and eating disorder specialist Dr. Mike Dow and nutrition expert to the stars JJ Virgin attempt to save our freaky eaters from their outrageous food addictions and the compulsions that threaten to destroy their lives. How did the eaters become emotionally and physically addicted to such unhealthy food, can the experts stop the ticking time bomb, change their diet and give them back their lives?

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