Sand boil up close in Louisiana The Dangers of Quicksand 2 days ago   00:56

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Sand boils are the result of underseepage, which occurs when pressure from flooding pushes water through the sandy soils beneath a levee to the surface on the land side. These boils are small, and far enough away from the levee to not create much risk, but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ geotechnical engineers, emergency management teams and levee patrols are on duty 24/7 to monitor these and other issues that arise from flooding. (Filmed Jan. 9, 2016)

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The Dangers of Quicksand Sand boil up close in Louisiana 2 days ago   05:50

Yay, got around to editing the rest of the footage from the timelapse day I spent with Comacchio. We explore the Lost World, coming across a beautiful yet deadly lake, populated by deer and exotic birds and surrounded with quicksand. Apologies to anybody who was offended by us using Holy Entities in vain.

I'm aware that if you get stuck in quicksand, you can't SINK since it's heavier than you are. You're more likely to die from exhaustion trying to escape. Make small circular movements with your limbs to create a layer of water between you and the clay and you'll more easily be able to slide out.

Of course, the goal wasn't to see what it's like to be stuck in quicksand, but rather HOW people can get stuck in what seems to be a silly situation. It looks like people walk on it, expecting it to be solid, then when it gives way under one foot, they shift their weight to the other to support them which breaks the ground under their other foot as well, causing both feet to be stuck in the quicksand.

With me, I didn't feel it break- it was more as though the ground wasn't there any longer. I immediately collapsed onto my knees and spread my weight as best as I could. It sure makes your shoe heavy. It eventually dried, allowing me to hit my shoe against the ground to get most of it off, though it's still a ghostly white colour.

An exciting and different day. We wouldn't have tried it after a spell of wet weather, that's for sure.