Rita Cosby Interviews Raj about Crossing Mexico's Other Border 4 months ago   05:15

Having witnessed a horrifying breach of security along the U.S.-Mexico border, Congressional Candidate Raj Peter Bhakta decided to make an example of the situation at the border by riding an elephant across the Rio Grande as a mariachi band provided music for the event. Rita Cosby interviews him about the incident.

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Build and elephant proof wall!
Ricchard Gomess
Mexican right.
Her voice is horrid.
TL Winslow
If the U.S. and Mexico were to megamerge, the U.S. would become a mighty elephant indeed. Google "Megamerge Dissolution Solution" for details.
sounds like a tranny!
OMFG I fucking LOVE her voice!! That is so fucking funny!! It sounds like a piece of bread she ate went down the wrong tube.
Raj sounds like a hypocrite. Ready to do any stunt for a seat in congress. Play on Raj..dumb show!
They are busy eatting my burgers I grilled for them right next to there protest in downtown chicago and handed out good old 100% ground beef burgers for free to all, who do you think drew more people? 3 naked chicks that could have used a shave or a waxing or some shmuck with a webber grill and a few hundred burgers? Guess who got all the press? but what can one expect from the press they are beef stroken off after all!
Where's PETA when you need them.
This is an incredible stunt. Awesome! (And yes, this woman's voice is grating.)
Kc Sorensen
The only real solution is for Mexico to build a free market economy without all the graft and corruption.
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Crossing Mexico's Other Border Rita Cosby Interviews Raj about 4 months ago   23:11

When traveling from Central America to the United States through Mexico, immigrants are forced to battle drug cartels, corrupt police officers, and human traffickers, all before they even come close to the US border.

People tend to assume that the immigrants crossing the US--Mexico border are all Mexican. The reality is that a large percentage of them come from Central America, and their journey north is grueling. To get to the US, they first have to pass through Mexico, an ordeal that often ends up being even more difficult than getting into the United States. Most migrants cross into Mexico on rafts, via the Suchiate River. After that, they need to protect themselves from corrupt Mexican police, drug cartels like the infamous Zetas, and even fellow migrants. They often travel by foot and by pubic transit, but many of them ride on top of "the Beast," the freight trains that travel from the south to the north of Mexico.

While the majority of the migrants are young men, a small percentage of them are women who endure hardships like the possibility of being raped by basically anyone they come across. Some of them are forced to stay in the border state of Chiapas and work as prostitutes because they are too weak to keep going, need to save some money to continue their journey, or, if they decide to stay , so they can travel back and forth between Mexico and their home countries to visit their kids[NJ1] .

In this episode of Fringes, we followed Yoana, a young girl from Guatemala who has been living in the small town of Huixtla, Chiapas, working as a prostitute to make money to help her two sons. We tagged along with a special unit from the state government that is in charge of protecting migrants as they travel through Chiapas. We then hopped on board the Beast with more than 400 other migrants traveling from Arriaga to Ixtepec, Oaxaca, to try to understand the hardships they go through and why they leave their homes in the first place.

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