10 YouTubers Who Killed Their Career When Your Mom is Obsessed with 5 months ago   10:39

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Rounak Chakraborty
James Charles could have been in the list but sadly no....
I used to love Fred. When he stopped posting, I was mad. They were entertaining. 🤧
It’s Jeffy
Pixie Y
Oh my god I remember Toby!one day I just stoped watching him for no reason
Eleo Garcia
Update Tfue
OG Paris !!
James Charles joined the chat
ProJared update please
Gabi TGB
Is TheKingNappy here?Or y'all are too good to watch pokemon?
Virush Gaming
Next one will be tfue killing his career
ghaus ali
James Charles has joined the chat......
TG 4Q3
An update with Tati?
Royal Gamer
A meteor crashed btw
dude dude
Update update james Charles is not cancelled
Luna Syn
Hehe all the people saying "what about James" 😂 watch his video
Fandom Trash
You forgot someone: James Charles
oscar klepto
james charles?!?
Alea Sofea
2019 : tati
Monsterology Y
bye tati
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When Your Mom is Obsessed with 10 YouTubers Who Killed Their Career 5 months ago   05:13

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