Ex-foreign secretary Boris Johnson Ring Rees-Mogg: 5th September 2018 2 days ago   34:25

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Patricia Shaw
Boris would be a really good leader.
Tim Hunt
What a disturbing little man ,
Dav22 We
It’s all about Boris and not the UK! Even the Tory party have limited/shepherded choice like the voters.
Safa Safa
حزب سنجاب دايس فارة
I tried really hard to be on Theresa May's side. I hoped that a pragmatic remainer with a clear mission to LEAVE could carry public opinion across the board. I tried to be conciliatory.

But any ties via a common rulebook, submission to the ECJ in ANY way, is too far. I back Boris.
Combat Evolved
He's a captivating speaker. Good fun.
Jenny Mason
Boris for PM
ton van nuenen
Hot air. No substance
NS Saxon
Hear, Hear!
Merlin F
Hair, hair, hair and more hair
Morrigan Ravenchild
Just imagine what he would write in "The Letter of Last Resort" if he ever made PM!
Jon Gill
Excellent speech
rick keane
chuck chequers is boris,s porn name
Johnny Norfolk
Boris for PM. asap.
Brexit Monger
Here is the true leader of the Tories. May is useless. But Boris needs
to make his move soon, else he will be written off as a bottler. He
needs to take a big personal risk and declare his leadership challenge
Reece Bailey
He's got so much charisma, I love him.
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Ring Rees-Mogg: 5th September 2018 Ex-foreign secretary Boris Johnson 2 days ago   28:12

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