UFC 239: Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos Best Fight of 2019?! BKFC 1 day ago   03:55

See the highlights from UFC 239: Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos recap after Jones defended his championship belt for the second time since regaining it at the end of 2018.

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Pablo M
even with the knee injury, Thiago won 1º, 2º and 5º rounds .. everyone knows why the UFC did not want to give this belt to him ... Imagine how it would be this fight if Thiago had not injured his knee .. it's the first time that I see JJ respect his opponent so much ..
Buzz 59x
Niqqa all u show is a loop
Ente 42
so basically they kick their knees until something breaks and then someone wins?
Jack Mehoff
Mexican couldn't beat the black. And yes I know he is from Brazil
maj J
16-0-1 in his last 16 fights or last 17?
Eddy Pierrothiuj
Perdio jons. No hizo nada. Mejor santos
Tyler Campbell
Run the Santos fight back. Jones did one good thing < goat
Mamapelos Bonilla
After USADA, John Jones IN NOT the same...WHY????...
Kern Huerta
Part of winning is not getting injured in the fight. There would be no mercy in a street fight.
Kern Huerta
Jones would have the perfect legacy if it wasn't tarnished by roids
Sophia Douce
so hot ! 😍
Michael Parleblue
No one likes Jones he is a twat!
Charles Brownn
Kimberly Halvorsen Wtf are you smoking!?!? Smfh, Israel is not fuckin with Jon, simple as that. Think about it like this...... DC vs. Israel @ light heavyweight, DC wins dominantly, 100% everytime, if they fought. Jon vs. DC @ any weight class,(lol) Jon wins dominantly, 100% everytime. Jon vs. Israel = Salty AF Israel fans, 100% everytime. Jon is absolutely and undeniably the GOAT.......naw,.... better yet, he's the Michael Jordan of MMA! If there ever is a better fighter that comes along and out preforms Jon Jones, it won't be in our lifetime!!! Believe that.
Harry Brereton
Kicks full strength onto a flat footed pivot like an amateur, locking up his knee and resulting rotation tearing up his ligaments. What a warrior pfffffft
Santos won that fight. And everyone is like "he held his own!", no fools, he won. Rewatch it without Rogan and the other guy harping on the knee. Jon Jones literally couldn't get near Santos so as to finish him (w/o an MCL, ACL, & miniscus). A healthy Santos wins in a rematch, either Decision or TKO.
brett jones
Much respect to Thiago Santos for staying in the fight after tearing up his acl, and mcl. I personally know the devastating effects of those injuries. You have a warrior heart. You did not quit. This is coming from a Jon Jones fan.
Jon STEROID BOY Jones has some DIRTY W's on his record. D.ucking C.oward only beat Stipe by CHEATING. That CHEATER EYE POKED Stipe to get that belt. POS anyways. Stipe gonna teach him a Lesson about messin' with a Firefighter.
Tarell Williams
This is the music from Alien shooter the game app lol
Tyler C
Jones never got whooped😂😂
didier Chan
jon jones is like FLOYD RUN BABY RUN Come on Santos in one leg
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Best Fight of 2019?! BKFC UFC 239: Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos 1 day ago   22:13

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