Body Worn Camera footage Defense witness: Don't put words 4 months ago   00:20

Footage is from an Environment Agency officer's Body Worn Video camera during an inspection of a waste site in Teesside. The man involved was fined at Teesside Magistrates' Court in December 2018 for four offences, including obstruction and environmental permit breaches.
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Defense witness: Don't put words Body Worn Camera footage 4 months ago   05:40

Looks like one of the defense's final witnesses wasn't ready to play nice with prosecutor David Walgren. During an intense cross examination Thursday, Dr. Robert Waldman accused Walgren of putting words in his mouth. The judge stepped in and told Dr. Waldman that that's how cross examinations usually work.Walgren asked the judge to strike several of Dr. Waldman's responses because he was being "unresponsive." When Walgren asked Dr. Waldman how many hours each week he did dialysis work, it took the doctor about a minute and a half of back and forth before he could explain. For more informaton please visit