Monkeys react to magic Clever and Witty Animals! | Video 4 months ago   03:43

Techy Devin
What is going on guys, Devin back here for a new video! Today I am bringing you guys a compilation of monkeys reacting to magic! Hope you enjoy watching monkeys enjoy magic. If you enjoy comment what you want to see next and smash that like button and subscribe if you haven't already.

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Tyo ron
1:38 he just like “huh that’s weird”
Ahnaf Dragneel
The first one was extremely complicated
Cris Arenio
It's funny how they look like those youtube reactors we see.
Seas secrets Bowey/grey paw/sparky/Saturn
That orangutang is so cute
Ava Diamondrider
The orangutan one melted my heart 💓
Darkobert Dub
bullshit !
Finn Konings
I am not the only one adicted to my tablet, the monkey also
Charlie Carter
How many you going sale the monkey
Jack M
what animal at 1:30?
3:23 that is just some voodoo shit at this points
Waad Ahmed
The last one aawww😭😭😭like rather like son
bindas quates
animal are better than humans
Oscar Iron golem

The monkeys were payed actors.
adventure of the lifetime
Meat rubbing Ainsley
And that's the story of black people.
My one dumbass friend
Guyfilledwithbananas 2
Bacon Crusader
OK, ok, so how f did he get the card through the glass??
Am I the only one here fooled like the monkeys?
Ariba Kouser
Aww the last monkey hugged him!!
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Clever and Witty Animals! | Video Monkeys react to magic 4 months ago   09:20

Smart and clever animals that are intelligent and some rather talented! Some are funny, some cute! A good variety too. Bear, fox, hamster, monkey, cat, dog, birds, squirrel, etc. Great watch! And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilations

Top Comments:
"8:40 Mission Impossible - starring Hamster Cruise" Wolf Moon

Video Timeline:
0:00 Cool Intro
0:11 Witty whale in aquarium repeatedly scaring little kids
0:28 Intelligent Bird goes fishing and catches a big fish!
0:59 Smart cat learns what to do to get in the house
1:32 Clever hamster finds his way into the cookie bin
2:02 Smart horse opens gate and gets into the fridge
2:34 Talented bear showing off his skills
3:19 Intelligent monkey gets a drink from a vending machine
4:24 Smart dog knows to wipe its feet before coming into the house
4:38 Talented raccoon shows how he can walk the rope
4:54 So you didn't know dogs could surf? Neither did I
5:06 Parrot finds a way to get his nut
5:28 Cute intelligent dog tries to teach baby how to crawl
5:44 Smart creative bird discovers sledding
6:06 Tiger the horse displays his intelligence
6:25 Clever cat lets the dog out
6:40 Since when can goats open car doors?
6:53 Crafty raccoon steals cat food then runs off on hind legs
7:10 Smart dolphin teases seagull with a fish
7:31 This duck is all of them. Smart, crafty, intelligent, and clever!
7:51 Smart and clever fox displays his awesome hunting skills
8:18 Escape artist hamster
8:45 So.. Dogs can also skateboard!
9:00 Super smart crow is super creative
9:27 Two intelligent bears wave to people driving by

#smart animals
#clever animals