Put a rubber band on it #0190 toy boat Upgrade power wheel tire: 1 day ago   09:12

Put a rubber band on it #0190 toy boat converted to Radio Control HAT CAMERA

Plastic toy boat
Hot glue
Paper clip
Cotton bud
2 beads
Aluminium sheet from pop can
Rubber bands

Sharp knife
Hot glue gun

FlySky FS-T4B transmitter
FlySky FS-GR3E 3ch receiver
2S LiIo battery
20A brushed motor ESC
9g servo

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Size 64 rubber band measure 3 1/2"x 1/4"x 1/32" or 89mm x 6mm
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Hermit Oldguy
Two videos in a row where you said "I guess the next step is to put a camera on it" and then the boat failed.
Mike Flight
Good conversion and it works great. Just a pity about the wire coming loose.
Might be interesting view if you could mount a camera inside the boat looking out the front windows. Seemed to be enough room maybe. Too bad you did not have one of those battery powered solder guns for on the spot repairs. I suppose a test clip would have worked too for the time you were out there. My sister who lives in the country has a drainage ditch across the road that is always a foot deep or more, about 7 feet wide and about 1/4 mile long. Perfect for what your doing. It leads into a creek .
are you the same guy that was in the last video?
Doc Ink
at least she got upstream with no difficulty
Wil Hobbs
The Amazing Appearing and Disappearing Beard! 😀
(You still had your beard in the Silverlit plane videos)
like :)
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Upgrade power wheel tire: Put a rubber band on it #0190 toy boat 1 day ago   07:09

Tire UpGrade! Rubber tread added to your power wheels! DIY
This is just what I had around the house stuff. Its been working great !
Thanks for watching and 👍🏼 my video!