Joe Rogan on Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega Joe Rogan on Matt Lauer and Bill 5 months ago   07:35

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Shazia Kayani
Charles Anderson
No way Holloway vs Ferguson! That would be a great fight!
steven sparkz
understand joe loves ufc and this show was put together to discuss ufc. but the lowest rated an viewed videos are discussions on ufc. nobody really cares.
Lars Saint Morning Glory
Max Holloway is the third Diaz Brother.
Nathan Johnson
Tony Ferguson, the type of guy to take naps in icewater so that he doesn't get too comfortable
Randall Wall
You mean an asshole like McGregor...
think deep
Hes a direct punching bag! Hahah screw bjj, max stuffed it and beat his ass, open your eyes joe max makes you look stupid
Muhammad Shadab Alam
Those stupids think Khabib fight is boring then why yours fav MMA fighter let fight boring with khabib ? why they cant evade their take downs ? answer is simple... All ur exciting fighters r no match for khabib.. you guys better start watching Thai kick boxing only!!!
Trip Trapper
ReMatch. Max Ducked a Fade once. Already. Max won the fight. Brian should get a ReMatch. For sure.
Dee Wigs
Max blasted Ortega. Snapped his fingers and dusted him. 🤜🏼 🤕
Brandon Bishop listening to this like:
: D - >:/
Greg Ory
Joe "MUHHther fucker" Rogan
Gary Stephens
Not to discredit Ortega what do ever, but he needed a jose aldo or even a Jeremy Stephens type right before this one. He has never been in a fire fight with a guy like max or even close. Really should work on honing his speed and takedowns. Other than those 2 holes, what a solid guy.
Svetozar Avramovic
Ortega let himselft to poetry/hand-play/pugilism.... It isn't Ortega play.... Holloway as a main, most marketing... Scare him out!
Dunno, Ortega was finished, but.....
Oh yeah. Stfu Rogan. You fkn Dana Mini Me.
I told ya'll. Too much speed, movement, accuracy and reach.
Max whooped that ass!
how joe c
Good game plan Holloway till you face KN.
Miguel Manzo
Joe be real That fight was fixed to let Max win and you know that!!!
Jules AnappleSnapple
Seemed pretty lopsided to me.
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Joe Rogan on Matt Lauer and Bill Joe Rogan on Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega 5 months ago   08:35

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1209: