Nigeria overtakes South Africa African Mega Projects ep.1 1 day ago   03:22

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The rebased GPD highlights the inherent contradiction in the Nigerian economy. Despite the country's consistent economic growth, basic infrastructure is still a big issue. With just about 2,500 megawatts of electricity for its 170 million people, power outage is the norm here. But the biggest headache for the country's government is unemployment, which is hovering around the 40 percent region.

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gtud65 cutting
Fake pictures
salieu jallow
south africa is occupied by white foreigners People
Onika Modisane
Craig's Classics
An economy based on oil and scamming people. When we no longer use so much oil and we all get wise to Nigerian scams the country will be in great difficulty.
Sun Shine
It is embarrassing to say Nigeria is the richest in Africa while most people still live with $2 dollars a day. It is incredible country. Buhari promise to attack corruption but little is done successfully. The major lost is in the oil department and is the easiest to audit. Most oil money goes into pockets of so few living the River State an environmental disaster. Almost not a single dollar to improve the River state and it is much worse than when before the discovery of oil.
Daniel Dokash
Per capita income is the main indicator of bigness.
Thabani Lucky Mathenjwa
So little MW for the entire country??? There is a lot of opportunity for growth still.
Thabo Sethipa
Nigeri🤣🤣🤣 South Africa will always be superior viva ANC
Rifath Mannan
The India of Africa
Nigeria rich country but so corrupt
Father Loves Beaver
Why are so many nigerians leaving?
Chris Florida
All there cars look like it's from the 80s and 90s there stuck in time..
lebo sedibe
re basing their economy which is based on a single commodity oil, that's no reason to celebrate and gloat. focus on manufacturing and diversifying the economy such that it cascades to the poor. at this moment the standard of living in SA is 10 years ahead of Nigeria.
and then buhari becomes president and we go down hill again
Mukesh Patel
Great nation. Hope will developed by 2030
Edwina Lee
Very useful information. Infrastructure development & job creation are clearly the key drivers of lifting the economy of Nigeria.
Mingo Tubman
transportation equals commerce!
golden festus
Shut up, political talk.
Yemi-d Prince
Nigerian economic development should be felt all over the country, for it is a tip of the iceberg if it is only the state capitals that are developed, without developing the towns and villages of the country. Infrastructure is the key. This is how South Africa has become a developed country.
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African Mega Projects ep.1 Nigeria overtakes South Africa 1 day ago   02:29

Eko Atlantic, the African Shanghai. Watch the current progress ( January 2014 ) of the Nigerian Mega Project located in Lagos, near Victoria Island. See the renderings of the high rise buildings projected to be built in the next years and the construction site of the first skyscrapers now under construction, Eko Pearl Towers.

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