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Darla Hueske
This is a little video that I took on a River Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan and back again. If you're interested in a cruise, this is just a little taste of what you'll see. Pass through the lock at Esna. The cruise was on the ship RA II. This video is just the majesty of the river, no footage of temples.

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it's all gonna dry am sorry. may allah rain there constently
Darla Hueske
beautiful. we just took another Nile Cruise, this time from Aswan to Luxor...only three days. Fantastic. No video this time.
wowooo vivaaa egypt
Darla Hueske
Hi. Thank you for taking the time to view the video. There is sooo many cruise boats now. I've read about how the refuse from the boats is polluting the Nile. I took more photos than video, but love the flow of this river.
Brenna J
Thank you for using good music. It's such a shame about all those huge tourist boats. When I was there, there were only 4. The Nile cruise only took 4 days and we still got to see everything. Tourism is ruining Egypt. That makes me sad. Great video though. Five stars!
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