Who is the real Boris Johnson? SNP leader agrees Boris Johnson 2 days ago   33:12

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It's Boris Johnson versus Jeremy Hunt in the race to be Prime Minister. For this week's podcast episode, Gary Gibbon talks to Boris biographers Sonia Purnell and Andrew Gimson about what we should all expect from the bookies' favourite. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)


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Capt Whiskers
A woman beating racist dimwit, there saved you 33mins 11 seconds!
Eric V
He is prepared to say ANYTHING in order to get elected. Sums it up.
Xerexes Mondavi
Boris the animal (not to offend animals)
Frederick Burkert
Johnson needs thereapy - he's short on a lot of things - IQ through the roof, but can't use it.
If you want Johnson in charge you want the worst for Britain, and are the worst of Britain.
Did nothing for London, well, he bought a 100k water cannon - FTW. And never built an unneeded bridge at the cost of 43 mill. Wasnt going to close ticket offices ... 6 months later, many shut. All promises are broken coz he makes things up on the spot.
Sacked as journalist for making up quotes - twice

He's there to offer up as the fall guy. Tories don't want to serve the public, they are trying to save their party at the expense to the public/uk... absolute worst we could have involved in politics.
John Martin Nichols
Here are three serious persons trying to fathom a trivial one.
Roxana Brivent-Barnes
I want Boris, and make him keep his promise towards us, not Hunt. We seen Hunt destroying NHS further, so Hunt it's a no no!

a sneaky liar
Andres Villarreal
So, Johnson has quickness of feet. In a process that required years of careful planning, political bargaining and viability assessment even before activating Article 50, Johnson will dance his way out of the mess. Nice. Oh, and he will dance to the same tune as May, only better!
That silly cow lost me as soon as she starting quoting her own newspaper article.
nomad nimoi
This is not a race!!! This is a political party monopolising it's power. "wigs picking wigs" is not a demonstration of democracy. It is an abandonment of democracy!!!! The people have been denied there right to vote for there leader!! If a people do not vote for there leader then they are not being represented. NO TAXATION WITH OUT REPRESENTATION!!! How the people have been denied there hard fought right to vote is an absolute disgusting betrayal by Parliament!!
Last White Indian
BJ for PM
frazer bond
First debate ive enjoyed, both respecting each other instead of talking each other down.
karl hemingway
doing nothing is better then spending millions stopping mean words on the internet before putting police on the street to stop stabbings left wing channel 4
Steven Meakin
The buffoon has landed
Plato 77
Every country gets the leader it deserves..... A bonking clown for the UK!
Why, Boris Johnson is Boris Johnson channel 4! That should be obvious.
Douwe Bloot
All of Europe knows who Boris Johnson is. Americans and Brits are braindrained, they still live in the fifties. USA and UK are cancer for the free world.
Sean Sean
Channel 4, shouldn't you concentrate on making programmes with naked people in and leave adult stuff alone?
phoebephoebo .sydney
25:30 she doesn't understand what the modern meaning of "establishment" is. She thinks it still means coming from money and/or the upper classes. It doesn't mean that anymore- it means being an opinion informer, which she is because she reaches both a wide range of people via the MSM *and* working alongside people like Johnson. Just because she came from "humble beginnings" 20 years ago doesn't mean she can't be part of the establishment now Until people like her understand that, they'll never really be in touch with what frustrates "ordinary people" so much about politics, politicians and the "liberal elite".
So barmy Boris hails from the Mamaluk Turks and has probably ancestors who were leading figures in the erstwhile Ottomon Caliphate. This explains his blonde locks , blue eyes and pale skin. He is also half American and dual passport holder so he has an escape plan should it all go tits up politically in the UK.. .which is likely. Have we ever had an assassinated PM in our history?
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SNP leader agrees Boris Johnson Who is the real Boris Johnson? 2 days ago   14:03

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has agreed with a comment made by an SNP colleague that Boris Johnson is racist

The SNP's Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, was recently cautioned by House of Commons Speaker John Bercow for calling Mr Johnson "racist" in parliament.

But Ms Sturgeon admitted she agreed with her party colleague's comments as she referenced Mr Johnson's previous comparison of burka-wearing women to "letterboxes" and "bank robbers".

Asked if she believed Mr Johnson was racist, Ms Sturgeon replied: "Boris Johnson has made overtly racist comments."

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