Will the GTR Make it 1,000 Miles NISSAN GTR OWNERSHIP SUCKS? 1 day ago   12:09

B is for Build
In today's episode we roadtrip the GTR 1,050 miles down to Disneyland, and find out some interesting stuff about the GTR along the way.

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Fareoh - Cloud Ten
DJ Quads - It Just Makes Me Happy

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Charles Cummings
All the dust on the dash lol
El GALLO Blanco
Clean your dash bro
We told him about those seats and we told him about that wing, he doesn't listen
pjm5425phh2136 haji
U talk too much..
Alexander Hetrick
Very nice
Charith Rupasingha
GTR in Sri Lanka is like Bugati Vayron in any part of the world...😢😢
PSN Support
The wing is gag take it off
Átila Poll Menezes
You did not wipe your car inside yet, lazy.
Abner Mbaka
Yes! i wanted the wing off felt it was killing the aesthetic
Bryan Garcia
Lol I always stay at that hotel when I go to Disneyland!!!
Khanikun Khan
What company makes a swan neck wing that big using not metal mounts? I bet even if the mounts weren't fractured, it'd fly off the car taking a turn at speed or just having the car parked on a windy day. I'd replace the trunk mounts, the wing mounts, and the arms with aluminium.
Supremus Validus
amazing men good work!!
Prince Channel
sir watched ur full videos of nissan GT R i enjoyed very much and get motivated thanku sir
Tempro Enterprises
One brother rebuilds cars and the other doesn't have any tools? Another vote to ditch the wing. The little carbon piece is all I would have.
Bertrand Barraud
The car really came from a long way ! I know people talk about the wing a lot, but am I the only one bugged by the "fixation points" on the panels ? Like... shouldn't it be hidden at least ? :/
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
shawns channel aka german
I like the wing but don't take it off just make it a little shorter
Austin Smith
Lol people telling him what to do with his car.
Ron Kirkland
Your brother didn’t have a wrench set?
Joshua Jensen
Man I literally just watched this GTR rebuild from start to finish. I cant wait to do this one day!
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NISSAN GTR OWNERSHIP SUCKS? Will the GTR Make it 1,000 Miles 1 day ago   07:34

My first car review. Why not do it on my personal Nissan GTR. I've owned if for a few years now and can give you an idea from an ownership perspective if you're looking to buy one. Be warned...you'll be surprised.

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