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Initially it was supposed to be a top ten worst music video but there was so much badness that I had to include a few extra.

Horrible Music Video by Peter La Anguila “Estilo de la Anguila”

This sickly skinny man in a banana hammock makes me want to use a rusted metal back scratch on my eyes. Even the cute bikini girls can't overshadow his flopping peter pouch. The sound of his voice makes me want to tape 2 screaming babies on both sides of my head.

Bad Music Video by Vennu Mallesh “It's My Life, Whatever I Want to Do”

Vennu Mallesh has all the talent & the singing voice of the next Vennu Mallesh. I picture hell as being a place where a giant music player is on shuffle & this is the only song in the play list. Another thing to love about this music video are the lyrics. “People think that I'm somewhat mental. They don't know I am very sentimental.”

Three Beat Slide - all their awful music videos!

Three Beat Slide presents a good case for genetically altering humans so that all future children will be born without vocal chords. Dad, Son, Daughter trio who produce some of the worst music on the planet. I get it, they're just having fun making music. It doesn't mean they have to share it with the world. After watching their videos I feel as if my ears contracted a new form of venereal disease like ear herpes.

Jan Terri - all her insane music videos

Jan Terri is a mysterious musical creature all unto herself. Listening to her sing is like going to the dentist, finding out you have teeth in your ear, & getting all them pulled. The universal sign language for Jan Terri is punching people in the ears.

Disturbing Music Video by REH DOGG "I'm Jerking Off"

I'll give it to Reh Dogg, he's done the impossible. I've never heard a song that literally makes me want to stop jerking it. Just knowing I might be doing something sexual that Reh Dogg does, makes me not want to do it. Women who weren't even curious about being with other women, just turned gay after watching Reh Dogg and I can't say I blame them.

Annoying as Hell Music Video by BrokeNCYDE “Freaxxx”

BrokeNCYDE births the annoying song Freaxxx. They sound like the operating room of a coat hanger abortion clinic. Question, what do you get when you combine a really shitty singer with a guy screaming like he's getting anally pounded by a bear with a razor blade dick? Answer, you get BrokeNCYDE.

Weird Music Video by Chainmale - “Schizophrenic Breakdown”

Avast ye land lubbers, here be Chainmale. This bald headed Captain Highliner looks like he just got fired from a pirate themed restaurant for dipping his sperm whale in the soup. Luckily for everyone, they let him keep his uniform and a star was born.

WTF Music Video by Zanger Rinus - “Met Romana Op De Scooter”

Clearly Holland doesn't lock the doors at their mental institution and Zanger Rinus is free to come and go. There's a lot of weird sexual energy in this music video. Next level weird sex energy like wearing a priest outfit and letting a dog lick your butt hole while you have sex with a cat corpse in your parent's bed as the sleep next to you.

Strange Music Videos by I Don't Know Who They Are

This first music video features a guy with the charisma of a worn shoe and a girl with sexual energy of a folded piece of liver. He touches her with all the elegance of a rapist. She recoils like his hands are made of hydrochloric acid.

The second music video features a guy who eats crack cocaine cereal sprinkled with marshmallow meth treats. But hey, anyone wearing a Goonies t-shirt can't be all that bad. I was going to say he's the worst rapper ever until I saw this guy....

Who is this spaceman and what does he want with our planet? He should spend less time rapping and more time eating. He's so skinny Ethiopian kids send him food. I have no idea what this guy is saying. None.

Funny Music Videos by The Men Who Hate Their God

This clip is from a hard rocking band called “Wally World”. They spare no expense in the making of their music video. They get the best magic markers for the drum kit & most expensive crack whore. These 50 year old rockers have all the pep and energy of 80 year old rockers.

If you've been brave enough to sit through this entire video, I present to you a man who proves there is no God. Or at the very least, God has no ears and no mercy. He butchers some sort of religious song and I believe all the congregation dies of a mysterious ear infection.

Thanks for checking out these bad Music Videos. Homepage: https://www.youtube.com/c/10FavoriteThingsVideos

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10 Favorite Things
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Vern Rose
There was a full length movie done of music video flops made back in late 70's or early 80's that was just a horrible thing to watch, I saw this at the midnight movies at auburn and mrytle back in the day when everyone was hopeful of making the greatest music video ever. I think this movie came from LA . It was so bad that I enjoyed it! One bands music video had newspaper over everything, they had on suits made with newspaper. Nothing but old newspaper, nothing added, no extra color or anything. I remember everyone left the theater except me. After a while the manager came out and asked me if I would please leave so he could go home, I said that I would leave, but that he had to never play this film again. Was looking for this film, when I came here. GOD bless you!
Benny Stevens
Jane is a legend
I am the King of the Poo People
I use to really like some of these bands until they Sold out.
Private HJ
I like your comments!
Jeff Avery
OH GOD please make it stop i think this music is an alternative to water boarding
6:40 starts learning spanish and hears it as BITCH BITCH BITCH. no really puta means bitch in spanish.
Jaimee allen
my eyes
Hey Jan Terri is a legend! She is the best in Journey To Mars. I love the outfit and the song is about a million times better than anything Three Beat Slide could produce.
Why people want to do those, they know how it gonna look. Why they join that singer
Peanuts Mom
The American Idol rejects
Leya Walker
Luka Vule
8:50 actually this song is cool
2:05...Three Beat Slide...dad rhymes the word “too” with the word “too”....2:25....son rhymes the word “great” with the word “great”...no words....should have sent a poet...
gaz riley
can't stop laughing
Who's the Daddy?
You need your own show
Who's the Daddy?
.......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂....this cracks me up hahahahahahahaha
Who's the Daddy?
Some of the shit you say makes me laugh until my bladder explodes 😂😂😂
jellyjuice boy
What the heck,"God is not real" you trippin
Roadman Onjob
“Analy raped by a bear with a razor dick...” I can’t fucking breathe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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